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Thank you for making me a vid! I am v excited to see what you make. If you already have an idea and just want to get on with it, please do; if not, here are some thoughts on the sort of things I like.

Things I like in vids: joy and happiness! (Though critique vids are good too.) Heroes being heroic! Teams and ensembles and found families! Swoopy epicness! Fast actiony stuff! I am really here for the space part of this theme, also.

Shipping wise, I'm not a huge shipper, but if you want to make a shippy vid, that's fine: in general I prefer non-canon pairings and like femslash the best and boyslash second best; I also really like OT3s and poly ships. I also really enjoy platonic relationships. I like character studies too, and you basically can't go wrong with any female character in any of these fandoms. :D

Dislikes: love triangles (unless they resolve into OT3s!). Older man/younger woman ships. I'm less into comedy vids, especially ones that do the overly sincere for comic effect thing. I'm not super fond of excessive darkness or cynicism.

Music: feel free to use whatever you like! The only (weirdly specific) exceptions to this are Big Yellow Taxi (a song I hate for no readily apparent reason, though my father hates it too so it may be genetic) and the Batman song from the Lego Movie. The music I listen to most tends to be female singer songwriter pop/rock/folkish type - Vienna Teng, Dar Williams, Taylor Swift's 1989 - but whatever you think will work for the vid works for me! I enjoy both being exposed to new music via vids and seeing vids to songs I already love.

Outside source: feel free to use this if you'd like, or not if you wouldn't! I do like fandoms that have a lot of history/legacy to them, so playing with that is always fine by me.

Babylon 5
I love the sheer epic-ness of B5's ambition! Anything related to that would be awesome, or anything designed to make me have FEELINGS. :D Character-wise, anything about anything of the women would be awesome. I'm not really interested in villains, but otherwise I think I'd be happy with anything you wanted to make!

Doctor Who (1963)
I love Doctor Who so much, so pretty much any vid you want to make would make me happy! Don't feel like you have to include ALL of Doctor Who, just focusing on a specific era/character/story/whatever is fine, though if you do want to go for a multi-era vid that's great too! (And it's fine to use new Who here if you want to, I am very fond of a lot of it too! Though please don't use any War Doctor stuff if possible. Also here for including spin-off canon if you want!)

Favourite Who-things: space, joy, friendship, adventure.

Favourite Doctors: Eight and Two are my faves, Five is also a delight, the rest are great too.

Favourite companions: Ace, with all her emotions raw and earnest; tiny sparkly awkward genius Zoe; Romana, both of her. Jamie, Barbara, Liz, Jo, Sarah Jane, Harry. All companions are good.

Ship-wise: basically any femslash is A+ (ooh, how about a multi-era history of Who in femslash? That would be fun!)

Mass Effect
*yells about spacefriends for a bit* Basically that's what I'm here for: I liked the plot a lot, and loved the ending, but mostly what I liked best was zooming around space having adventures with my team. <3 Favourite characters: Shep herself* (BRAVEST TOASTER), ASHLEY, Liara, Traynor, Chakwas, Tali, EDI, Aria T'Loak, James, etc etc etc. Fave ships: I am pretty much down for all the characters having various relationships making up some kind of giant interconnected polycule, and general statements above apply - femslash is best, boyslash is also great, less keen on m/f but can be persuaded. Particular faves include femShep/Liara, femShep/Ashley, femShep/Ashley/Liara, Ashley/Tali, Traynor/EDI, Miranda/Jack, James/Cortez. Plus I'm planning to romance Traynor this playthrough and am really looking forward to it. :D

*I've focused pretty much exclusively on femShep both playing and fannishly; I'd rather not have a whole vid exclusively about dudeShep, but an ensemble vid including him would be fine, and I think I'd like the romance between him and Cortez, so a shippy vid for them would also be great!

Star Trek
A lot of what I said about Doctor Who also applies here! Happy with anything you want to make, narrow or wide focus - I love Star Trek, and I also love other people loving Star Trek, so I'll probably love the vid of your heart even if it's about a bit of the franchise I'm less into myself. Favourite things about Star Trek: hope, optimism, discovery, teamwork, friendship (an "excellent friendships in Star Trek" vid would make me so happy). <3

Specific Trek-feelings:

TOS: I'm about halfway through s3 right now and I love everyone in this bar. I love how colourful and optimistic it is, and how hard they're trying to tell interesting, progressive stories (even if it... doesn't always come off). I love how much Kirk and Spock love each other (it's A LOT, did you know). Favourite characters: Kirk (compassionate and thoughtful, at his best) and Uhura (confidence and competence, Nichelle Nichols doing the absolute maximum with every scrap of material she's given), but they're all great.

TNG: there's a fair bit of TNG that I haven't seen, or haven't seen for a while, but I'm deeply fond of it. I really love how it's a show about competent, skilled adults solving problems. <3 I love Tasha and Deanna and Bev, and Data and Picard, and I haven't got back to her episodes yet but I am 98% sure I will adore Ro. Shipwise I am basically here for any femslash!

DS9: see below.

Voyager: I am basically all about the characters and their relationships here. Janeway! B'Elanna! Seven! Tuvok! <3333 Also v fond of Kes, Tom, Harry and Naomi. I ship a lot of things, in particular: Janeway/B'Elanna, B'Elanna/Seven, B'Elanna/Tom (a rare example of a canon m/f relationship I really love), Tom/Harry. I also like all of those as friendships, and I also really love Janeway and Tuvok, Seven and Naomi, and B'Elanna and Harry.

Enterprise: I am not hugely familiar with Enterprise, alas! I watched the first few episodes ages ago, and I've picked a lot up via fannish osmosis, and between that and clipping it for a few other vids, I have the following thoughts on it: 1) Hoshi is the best and her face is a delight, 2) I am super here for T'Pol and T'Pol/Hoshi on general principles, 3) the crew seem to hang out and eat together a lot and I'm into it.

AOS: My feelings here are a bit mixed - I really like STXI when I first saw it, but I had a lot of complaints in retrospect, and I never got round to Into Darkness. HOWEVER! See below for my 70000 feelings about Star Trek Beyond; I now love them all and also their faces. <3

ETA I am planning on avidly consuming any scraps of information we get about Discovery, so please feel free to use any of that if you want to!

Star Trek Beyond
Beyond basically made my entire heart explode with joy. (See reaction posts here and here. I love how focused it was on the crew as a team, and I loved Jaylah SO MUCH. <3333 I also love Uhura a great deal, and I ship Kirk/Bones a lot, though I also enjoy their friendship. I've also been reading and really enjoying the post-film comic, Boldly Go, so if you have also been enjoying it, and/or you want to try your hand at vidding with still images, that might be a fun way to go!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Show of my HEART. I honestly think you can't really go wrong here? I love the complexity of its storytelling, and I also love when it is just deeply silly. As with a lot of these fandoms, I am very much here for people being TEAMS and FRIENDS in SPACE. I love all the canon friendships and platonic relationships, and will probably love any you care to invent. Favourite characters include Bashir, Kira, both Daxes, Garak and Kasidy. Canon ship wise I'm not a huge fan of Kira/Odo but I enjoy all the others; shipping-wise Garak/Bashir was my first ever OTP, and I also really like Kira/Jadzia and Kira/Keiko/O'Brien.

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