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The Gathering Storm - Kate Elliott
Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell
Deep Space Nine: Prophecy and Change ed Marco Palmieri
Hyperbole and a Half - Allie Brosh
First Class Murder - Robin Stevens
The Doomsday Book - Connie Willis
Maresi - Maria Turtschaninoff
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen - Lois McMaster Bujold
A Fatal Thaw - Dana Stabenow
Fans of the Impossible Life - Kate Scelsa
Spectacles: A Memoir - Sue Perkins
Nightwing: Love and Bullets
Children of Time - Adrian Tchaikovsky
Bernice Summerfield and the Glass Prison - Jacqueline Rayner
Strange Star - Emma Carroll
The Good Immigrant ed. Nikesh Shukla
Hellblazer: Black Flowers

I read a lot of things this month, but apparently used up all my words on complaining about Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. /o\

spoilers )

Didn't finish:
The Last Kingdom - Bernard Cornwell
I really liked Cornwell's Arthurian trilogy when I read it lo these many years ago, but I just didn't connect with this one. Nothing wrong with it, I just couldn't get into it, and I have so many other things to read that I didn't feel like sticking with something I wasn't into.
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(No December post as all I really wanted to say was "I love how Dustin Nguyen draws women's hair" which, while true, is possibly not worth an entire post all on its own.)

Can You Forgive Her? - Anthony Trollope
X-23: Target X
Doctor Who: The Devil in the Smoke - Justin Richards
The Cold Commands - Richard Morgan
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance - Lois McMaster Bujold
The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller
The Diviners - Libba Bray
Legion of Monsters
Teen Movie Times - Karen Healey
Nightwing: The Hunt For Oracle
Zatanna: The Mistress of Magic
Streets of Gotham: The House of Hush
Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats

rambling about books )
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Continuing with the EDAs, I read Emotional Chemistry a while ago and was sadly not very impressed: none of the storylines really grabbed me, and overall the book had a bit of a case of original-characters-defaulting-to-male-itis. mild spoilers )

I also read a Black Widow book, Kiss or Kill, on the grounds that it was in the library. The story was fine but the art... ugh. WHY. I got all excited for a moment when she discovered how to zip her catsuit up, but sadly it didn't make much difference. (And it kept on undoing itself! ARGH. A catsuit unzipped to below the breasts is NOT a practical crime-fighting outfit. *headdesk*)

"You do read books that aren't science fiction, don't you?" asked my mother anxiously on the phone on Sunday. I do! But recently it has not been going that well.

I tried to read Alan Hollinghurst's The Swimming Pool Library, but did not get very far. Really, I should've known that it wouldn't be my cup of tea when one of the quotes of praise said something about how some may find it unpleasant but that is the nature of TRUTH, which, no, sometimes truth is nice ok. I hate the idea that nasty is necessarily deeper than nice, and I didn't find any of the characters particularly appealing, which more than anything is what kills my chances of liking things. Boo.

Other non-sf books I have read lately include William Boyd's Ordinary Thunderstorms, which was rather a disappointment after how much I've enjoyed his other books, and Anthony Horowitz's new Holmes book, The House of Silk, which I really couldn't get into. BOO. (I also disliked the resolution, but this may have been because I was already grumpy with it for not being as entertaining as I wanted it to be.)

Sometimes I read books and like them! One such book being The Curse of Chalion, FLAILY LOVE AND JOY, HURRAH, and I have just checked and the sequel is waiting for me at the library YAY. And then I reread Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which made me happy and nostalgic. ♥ I remember reading it for the first time on a minibus on the way to my church youth group's weekend away, the day after it had come out. (My sister and I bought one copy between us and she got first dibs...)

Ages ago I had this plan to read all the Booker and Orange prize winners; I read the 1996 winners (Last Orders and A Spell of Winter) and then never read any more, maybe I should go back to that. 1997's Orange prize winner was Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels, anyone read it? (The God of Small Things won the Booker; I've already read that.) (ETA: just after I posted this, Orange announced that they were withdrawing their sponsorship. D:)
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1. Argh, assignments. I have two to do, both 3000 words, both due on the 29th March. D: I ended up going to see The Parents at the weekend, which was possibly not the best idea in terms of amount of work done (though I did do a fair bit), but was definitely a good idea in terms of making me less stressed and flaily. Also, as a result I have accidentally started a Discworld reread, since the shelf they sit on is in exactly the right place for me to lie in bed looking at it and going "those books! So great! I should reread!". (Most of my books live at my parents house, because there are A LOT of them. A library of my own is a distant beautiful dream. This is also one reason why I am always keen to lend people books (aside from the obvious wanting to share the joy type ones): it makes room on the shelves for MORE BOOKS.)

2. In other reading-related news, I am thoroughly enjoying the Vorkosigan saga, as those of you who are following me on twitter may possibly have gathered. I was absolutely wolfing them down, but now I have reached A Civil Campaign I have slowed down to savour each chapter properly, and also so I can turn as many mental cartwheels of delight as I need to. ♥

3. Cybill turns out to be even better than I remember it being. ♥ The Jonathan Frakes episode was a thing of beauty. Also, I am amused to discover that when I was growing up, my mental model for "what teenage girls are like" was basically Zoe. :D

Those are all the things I have to say today. Now, back to A Civil Campaign!
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1.) Slightly short notice, I know, but if any Bristolians are around tomorrow night there will be pizza and games and possibly DVDs (my DVD collection is small but perfectly formed. Like me) at my flat, would be nice to see you there!

2.) Am reading Shards of Honour. Is excellent. Once again friendslist was absolutely right about books. Hurrah!

3.) Alas, Big Finish's Short Trips range is finishing. I can see why, though: I expect they don't make much money off them, and now they have the Companion Chronicles, the Short Trips are no longer the only source of new stories for Doctors 1-4. I can't afford to buy all the ones I'm missing when they go half-price next month, but I want to get a few: so far my shopping list is How The Doctor Changed My Life, Companions (for the story which [ profile] nwhyte mentioned a while ago where Vicki and Troilus meet Eight, Charley and Shakespeare (!)) and The Centenarian (Chaudhry and Hoffman!) - are there any more I should add to that list? And in case anyone else is doing a similar thing, I heartily endorse A Christmas Treasury, unseasonable unseasonal (stupid brain) but very happy-making.


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