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Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernow
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Gotham Academy: Welcome to Gotham Academy
Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb
Companion Piece: Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who ed LM Myles and Liz Barr
The Pulse: Thin Air
Ms Marvel: Crushed
The Brontë Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects - Deborah Lutz
A Man Lies Dreaming - Lavie Tidhar
Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us - John Hills
We Should All Be Feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Resistance is Futile - Jenny T. Colgan
Ms Marvel: Last Days
The Pulse: Secret War
The Pulse: Fear

Gotham Academy: Welcome to Gotham Academy (five stars), Dragon Haven (four stars), Companion Piece (five stars), The Brontë Cabinet (four stars), Resistance is Futile (four stars) )

Didn't finish: Black Wolves, Astro City: Life in the Big City )

A short story I enjoyed this month:
The Spy Who Never Grew Up by Sarah Rees Brennan, in which Peter Pan is recruited into the Secret Service.
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Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites
The Last Stormlord - Glenda Larke
Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century ed. Justine Larbalestier
Star Trek Voyager: Fire Ship - Diane Carey
Runaways: Dead End Kids
Inventing the Victorians - Matthew Sweet
Slow River - Nicola Griffith
Judge Anderson: Anderson, PSI Division
Whiteout: Volume 1
Eye of the Labyrinth - Jennifer Fallon
Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett
Untold - Sarah Rees Brennan

Didn't finish: Besieged - Rowena Cory Daniells. I feel like I was being slightly unfair to this book by not finishing it, because I got the impression (partly from reviews) that a lot of the stuff I found tiresome (one really sexist society! one gender essentialist society!) was going to be challenged, but it still wasn't fun to read about, and I didn't really like the characters. There are just too many good books to waste time on ones I don't like all that much, especially when they're the first in a giant trilogy, you know?

implied spoilers for Unspoken, though only vague ones for Untold )


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