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Lovely Festividder, thank you for making me a vid! ♥ I am so excited to see whatever you make, and I hope you have fun making it. :D If you already have an idea, hurray, but if you are looking for more guidance, this is the post for that! But rest assured that whatever vid you make, I will be happy. ♥

general likes and dislikes )

specific fandoms: Batgirl (2000-2006), The Batman, Borgen, The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot, The Sapphires, Scott and Bailey, Supergirl, Vixen )

Thank you again, lovely person! I hope some of this wittering was helpful to you. ♥
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It's SDCC this weekend! Marvel will be announcing some more films! What if they are all about white dudes again! I will probably cry! (I am actually going to be at home this weekend, which is out of character for me at the moment. I was going to say "I'm not busy" but given it's two weeks til Nine Worlds and my costumes are NOT DONE, that would be a lie. Also, I have unexpectedly been swallowed by a vid idea. HELP.)

Some recs:

- Master's Thesis by [ profile] auronlu: a really good, plotty Fifth Doctor story, featuring Tegan, Turlough, and older Nyssa as per Big Finish canon. I knew I was going to like it when Nyssa casually told Tegan, "Oh, by the way, other genders are more visible here than on Earth or Traken. The TARDIS should translate, but you may hear a few unfamiliar pronouns", and it's also just really well plotted and characterised. Long, but totally worth it.

- Things by [personal profile] raven. Star Trek daemon AU, perfect perfect perfect. It is basically a fundamental truth of the universe that fanworks by [personal profile] raven + Star Trek = feelings everywhere.

- Watershed, a Wonder Woman vid by [personal profile] chaila. THIS VID. So powerful and moving. DIANA.

Some things I am cranky about:

- I don't understand why the new Batgirl costume is getting so much praise. I mean, it's totally fine as a costume, but it's both less practical and less professional than what Babs was wearing before. D: It would be great for Misfit, or fine for Steph or Harper if we hadn't already seen their future costumes in Batman #28, and I'd totally take it as Cass's new costume if it meant we could just get her BACK, but for Babs? She's not a teenager, she's an experienced vigilante in her own right. Why would she swap Kevlar for a leather jacket? It might fit with the tone of the book, but it doesn't fit with Babs herself, and it'll make her look like a rookie when she's lined up next to the rest of the Batfam. DISAPPROVE.

- Search engines that try and second guess what you're searching for are THE WORST. Also frustrating: the way Chrome prioritises things it thinks you might be searching for over web pages you've already visited when you start typing in the address bar. STOP THAT.

- I've been pretty disappointed in The Mary Sue post-Geekosystem merger. So much content now, but so much of it so shallow and thoughtless, and it really feels like their woman centric perspective has got a bit lost. There is still some good content on there (I enjoyed these two posts on princess tropes: part one and part two - nothing hugely new, but a nice clear analysis) but overall, bah. It was never perfect, but I feel like the things they did do well at have rather fallen by the wayside. D:
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Off sick from work today, so contemplated postponing today's December talking meme topic until tomorrow, but am feeling a bit better now so here we go! (People I owe comments and emails to, I will respond at some point! ♥)

[personal profile] carawj asked "top 5 favourite comic characters and why!"

1) Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl). PERFECT PURPLE PRINCESS OF MY HEART. I love her optimism, and how it's distinctly not naivety. I love her sense of humour. I love how hard she tries, whatever's thrown at her. She knows that she may not be the best crimefighter in the world, but she believes in what she's doing, and knows that she's capable of making a difference, even if only a small one, and how can she just sit at home, knowing that?

2) Cassandra Cain (Batgirl/Black Bat). Cass just gets me in my heart every time I read about her. She's so serious about her mission, so earnest in everything she does, but she also has an awesome sense of humour.

3) Oracle. My gateway comics character. I love how she refuses to let other people dictate or circumscribe what she can be. I love her mentor and partner relationships with other women (and that she messes up sometimes, and admits it). I love that she was the most powerful person in the DCU, and that she did it all with LIBRARY SCIENCE. ;D I love her determination (THIS PANEL, YOU GUYS), and her snarky sense of humour.

4) Wonder Woman. DIANAAAA! She has so much integrity, in what she says, what she does and in who she is. She can't be false. She's full of confidence and power, but not arrogance, and she's awe-inspiring without being aloof or cold. She can make the hard, pragmatic decisions if she has to, but she'd rather be forgiving and kind. And she's so aware of the fact that she's a role model, and that she has to live the world she wants to create.

5) Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). I already talked about her this month! Update: I still love her. ♥

And hey, I actually managed to count to the right number this time! GO ME.
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Firstly, two things I keep meaning to post about:

1) Does anyone remember the fan-made video version of this Batgirl page that went round a while ago? And if so, do you have a link for it? I can't seem to find it! Found! Thank you, [ profile] ladymercury_10!

2) I went to see Neil Gaiman speak at the Cheltenham Literature Festival a while ago, and it was really good! The Festival've now put video of the event online; I recommend it!


Secondly, December posting meme! [personal profile] beccatoria asked "Tell me your five favourite things about Steph and Damian (canon or things you know ARE canon, the comics just never got around to letting us know!)".

EEE STEPH AND DAMIAN. I love their dynamic SO MUCH. :D Here are five things I love about them (mostly general things rather than specific moments, as I have lent my Steph!Batgirl comics to [personal profile] silly_cleo):

1) "There's room in our line of work for hope, too." Steph models an alternative model of heroing for Damian, and on a meta-level this allowed Bryan Q Miller to define explicitly what Steph stands for: belief that things can be better, and a determination to make them better.

2) That she can tease him and not take him seriously, which I think is good for both of them. It's good for Damian, because he takes himself far too seriously, and he needs someone to break him out of that, but who also cares about him enough not to hurt him in the process. And it's also good for Steph: she's spent so long being criticised by Batpeople that I think having one who she doesn't take seriously could help her regain her confidence. Having Oracle (and Cass) in her corner helps, but I think it's also good for her to learn that just because someone's criticising her, it doesn't mean they're right, and it doesn't have to come down to listen to them or defy them; she can just ignore them if she she thinks they're wrong. I also find their mutual grumpiness hilarious. ♥

3) This one is mostly headcanon: I like to think that eventually Dick and Steph become friends, and the thing they bond over first is teaching Damian the noble art of quipping ("Lesson one: puns, and why they are the best"). (Damian is displeased by basically everything about this. Especially when Christmas rolls round and Dick invites Steph over to "help decorate the mansion", which quickly turns into festooning Damian with tinsel and baubles whilst he hisses at them like an angry kitten. Meanwhile Alfred does all the actual decorating himself, as usual.)

4) THE MOON BOUNCE THING. I love her trying to teach him about how to be a child. (I imagine at least some of this is because she didn't have the most idyllic childhood herself.)

5) That deep down he sees her worth, however much he might protest. ♥


Feb. 11th, 2013 11:33 am
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Comment with your favorite color (or a color you really like, if you don't have a favorite) and I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better. Update your journal with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (NB I am REALLY BAD at thinking of questions, so this may take a while, but I will get there!)

[ profile] ladymercury_10 asked me:

questions that I had long answers for )

In other news, I am still feeling very cheerful about the existence of Fearless Defenders! Obviously there's still plenty of time for it to go HORRIBLY WRONG, but if you're interested in fun comics about diverse women having adventures, this would probably be a good shout. (Not least because I fear it may not be that big a seller, and if it gets cancelled I will be sad, and you wouldn't want that, now, would you? ;D) I am also feeling v. fannish about it, but there doesn't seem to be any fic yet, not even the Warehouse 13 crossover that issue 1 was crying out for. CATER TO MY WHIMS PLEASE, FANDOM.
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I finished my knitted Steph!Batgirl hoodie! I've been working on it for over a year but finally it is DONE. It's based on Hanie Mohd's Batgirl in a sweater: I was going to dress up and try and imitate the art, but I'm lazy and it's freezing, so I didn't bother. Also, the purple's not really the right shade, but it's all there was in that type of yarn (all the nice yarn in better colours was pretty expensive, alas. Or made of pure wool, which I can't be having with), and it matches some of the cover art, so :D?

pictures! )

(I've typed up the pattern; it's a bit on the long side, so I've posted it in a backdated post here.)

Also relevant: Bryan Q. Miller is doing a Kickstarter for an all-ages sci fi graphic novel YES PLEASE. I enjoyed this interview with him, particularly for the comment that: "Kids will ALWAYS want to read something that's "for older kids/grown-ups". But the jump between Tiny Titans and Joker cutting his own face off is SEVERE", because... yes.
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A lot of this has come out a bit grumpy. I didn't mean it to but I suppose it's easier to talk about not liking things. Skip to the Batgirl section at the bottom for sheer love!

Young Avengers Presents... I really liked the first volume of Young Avengers, but from then on it's been suffering from the same issue as I have with Teen Titans: on paper, it looks like something I would love, and I like the characters, and I really WANT to love it, but somehow I just don't. There's something not quite there about them and I can't put my finger on what it is. Bah. (These scans really make me interested in reading the new Young Avengers book, though.)

Heroes for Hire: Civil War Positives first: I really love how diverse this team is, and the writing was mostly pretty great. Misty Knight's voice came through very strongly in the opening pages, and I particularly loved the scene where she and Colleen are discussing the Registration Act with Iron Man, Spider-Man and Reed Richards: though they're broadly pro it as the best practical compromise in a bad situation, they're very aware of the potential dangers in a way that the three white men they're talking too aren't. Negatives: THE ART. It was bad in pretty standard ways, sure, all ridiculous postures, boobs akimbo, visible bellybuttons etc, but I find that sort of thing particularly annoying in otherwise woman-friendly books: it implies, basically, that women aren't really the target audience for these books, or even if they are, it's still vital that they appeal to (straight) men. Blergh. To be fair to the artist, he probably didn't design the ridiculous outfits most of the women were stuck with, but still. (I can blame him for the woman in the form fitting, split to the waist prison jumpsuit, though, right?) Of course, since it was written by Gray and Palmiotti, I kept thinking about how I would have liked it more with Amanda Conner's art: she can draw sexy women in ridiculous costumes but make it seem fun and playful, not leery.

Batman RIP I think it's time for me to accept that I just don't like Grant Morrison's writing. Actually, it's not really the writing, it's the genre (ETA and the fact that I don't really care about Bruce Wayne at all most of the time probably doesn't help): I don't have much time for the whole "nightmarish landscape, all dialogue is Freighted With Meaning, no sense of humour, everything is Important and all the women are femmes fatales (or victims)" thing. (Beryl Hutchinson was the shining exception to that last, but she was only there for about a page and a half altogether.) The bits I did like (apart from the Beryl panels) were mostly the bits where Dick or Damian turned up and made me laugh. And I was made somewhat grumpy by the potted history of Batman which missed out Steph (SHE WAS A ROBIN) and Cass, and only included one panel of Babs - her getting shot, of course. SIGH. (Also, brief moment of silence please for the recently-retconned origin stories of the first three Robins.) I was fairly interested in Batman Incorporated, because the concept appeals to me, but now I know that Morrison isn't allowed to use Cass or Steph, I probably won't bother with it.

MOVING ON. I reread Batgirl: Kicking Assassins as a palate cleanser and quickly became overcome with feelings. Cass does things to my heart. She's so beautifully serious, but not in an "everything is grim" way, she just takes things seriously. She's careful and thoughtful in everything she does, and especially in everything she says. (There's a lovely panel where she's telling two police officers about something the Penguin's up to, and her thought caption thingy - do they have a proper name? I feel like they must - reads "I practiced saying that". CASS.) And she's consciously trying to learn, all the time: training with Onyx (sidenote: what happened to Onyx? Was it something terrible, or did she just disappear?), thinking about what Batman would do, picking up tips from Alien, watching tapes of other heroes fighting an opponent similar to the one she has to fight. All the bits about her moving into her new neighbourhood are lovely, especially how kind Alfred is with her, and the bit where she goes to her first party and really gets into the dancing. Also, this is the volume where she almost drowns and sees a vision of Steph, who helps her to fight her way to the surface again. HEARTS.
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Read "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home" last night! ...I don't think I was fully prepared for the reality of a book based around a recently back from the dead being lost-in-time Bruce Wayne lurking creepily around Gotham judging all his friends. D: (To quote an old children's radio play: "you've been back from the dead for five minutes and already I'm fed up with you.") But I was mostly reading it for the Batgirl bit and that was a DELIGHT, so. Quality Oracle and Steph snark! Setting up those brilliant pages from Batgirl #15 where Steph explains the Batfamily! And of course the glorious moment where Steph finds out what Bruce is up to, and slaps him in the face. YES. And then panics and runs away, but I can't really blame her for that. Especially since she then comes BACK and tells him off for how he treated her when she was Spoiler and Robin, and tells him that she's not going to let him take being Batgirl away from her. YESSSSSS. I kind of hate the bit on the next page, though, where Bruce explains that Steph being Batgirl was ~his plan all along~, ugh. I'm torn between being glad she didn't hear that, and wishing she had, so she could hit him again. And then call Cass, because their friendship is the BEST and I miss it. I've read quite a few of the Cass!Batgirl issues with Spoiler in them recently, and I love them SO MUCH. Especially when they hang out with Oracle. Babs-Cass-Steph team ups forever, please. TEAM BATGIRL.

Speaking of Steph, I am ridiculously upset about her being dropped from the Smallville comics. Not least because it's really dented my love for them. :( I was really looking forward to the Detective arc, and now I don't think I'm going to bother with it. (Not boycotting Smallville altogether! Just skipping that arc, because I don't want to spend money on stuff that will make me unhappy.)

In other comics related news, very disappointed that none of Marvel's recently announced films are about Black Widow. Or Monica Rambeau. Or any of the other Marvel women. SIGH. The worst part is, I'm not really surprised, either.

Well. This post got grumpier than I expected. Non-grumpily, [ profile] ds9_rewatch have got to season four, which is where my own rewatch had got to, so I have jumped back in! I'm pretty bad at actually saying much in the chats, due to my general failings, but they're still really fun. Next up is "Little Green Men", I believe!
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1) Last night I read this post about DCU heroines who deserve their own films, and now I want to move to the alternate universe where there's a Birds of Prey film that was done in the same way as the Avengers was in this universe. IT WOULD BE SO GREAT. There'd be individual films for the Birds, starting with Black Canary, and Oracle would have the Nick Fury cameo role... why can't we have this? Why? Not to mention the "Batgirl and Spoiler" idea, YES PLEASE. I've just ordered the two volumes of Batgirl that Spoiler appears in (due to some bitterness over Cass being described as "one of several former (and temporary) Batgirls", TEMPORARY BATGIRL MY FOOT), and I am ridiculously excited about them.

2) Speaking of comics-related things I am overexcited about, a spoiler for the Smallville comics, which probably doesn't need to be cut as it's all over the place, but just to be on the safe side )

3) In between flailing about comics, I have been writing the research proposal for my dissertation (due in today). D: IT IS THE WORST. (It is probably not the worst.)
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I went to visit The Parents last weekend, due to an unfortunate lack of electricity in my flat (better than an overabundance of electricity in my flat, I suppose). This turned out to be an excellent choice; I went round to [ profile] cheltenhamjess's to watch Eurovision (not nearly ridiculous enough this year, I feel, despite sterling efforts by the Russian grannies and the men who turned into a boat) with her and Vanky, and spent most of the rest of the weekend sitting in the garden reading. I also paid a visit to the bargain bookshop with all the cheap Marvel comics, and picked up a few more things:

  • Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. I almost didn't buy this, because it was a lot more expensive than the others, but I am so glad I did, because I loved it. It was sharp and funny, with awesomely stylish covers, and some great characters. Monica Rambeau in particular I loved, and I am most definitely on Team Put Her In The Next Avengers Film Please. I really liked Elsa too, possibly because I have a weakness for English creators putting England/English characters in their comics. (See also: Paul Cornell's Knight and Squire. Have I flailed about that yet? Because I should've: four issues of silly, joyous hijinks, followed by two issues of punching me in the heart. Er, in a good way.) In conclusion: my robot brain needs beer.

  • Runaways, books 4-7 Lots to love in these (I laughed a lot at Captain America falling on his face. Mine is a sophisticated sense of humour), but also one major development that I'm not sure how I feel about. major spoilers )

  • X-Factor: Happenings in Vegas I picked up the previous volume, Second Coming, from the same shop over Christmas, but didn't really get on with it, because I had no idea who anyone was or what was going on. This one I clicked with a lot more, though, and really enjoyed, hurray, especially the Rictor/Shatterstar bits. ♥ I am a little worried about where they're going with spoilers ), but I shall wait and see what happens. (I also bought Hard Labor, and have reserved the volume in between from the library, so hopefully shouldn't have to wait too long!)

MEANWHILE, I have seen Avengers twice! I don't feel the need to post anything about it beyond "it was great, Black Widow is amazing, where is her film?", basically because everyone else has already said all the things. But as a result I have seen a lot of trailers for things and I have opinions on them! The Prometheus trailer was cool, if rather undermined by the mini making-of featurette shown before it. /o\ (Incidentally, "Doctor Elizabeth Shaw", totally a Doctor Who reference, right? So I am assuming unless it is explicitly contradicted.) The 3D Hobbit trailer made me happy in my heart, though I do have this problem whereby whenever I hear Gollum my first assumption is that it's [ profile] the_smut_fairy doing her Gollum impression, and then I get all confused when she's not there. I also saw a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which I still can't decide if I'm going to see or not. On the one hand, CATWOMAN, and also it would be good to be able to grumble about it from a position of knowledge; on the other hand, I expect I will be grumpy about it, and also I nearly fell asleep in the last one. Decisions, decisions. Finally Spiderman, which would've been a good trailer if I wasn't so grumpy about how we're getting more Spiderman ALREADY and still no sign of any superheroine films. I did laugh at the "you've found my weakness! Really small knives!" bit, though.

This concludes the "[personal profile] shinyjenni witters on about superheroes" portion of your flists. FOR NOW.

here we go

Apr. 24th, 2012 12:06 pm
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Further adventures in animated DC stuff: I am about a dozen episodes into Young Justice! I like it a lot, although script wise it is... not always that great. spoilers up to Homefront )

(I've also been reading the original Young Justice comics, which I love tremendously and which really deserve a post of their own. Maybe I will get round to it eventually. For now I will just mention that I am sad that Red Tornado is not nearly as sarcastic in the cartoon as he was in the comics.)

Also, last night I watched Under the Red Hood, since it was streaming on Lovefilm, which was very good, though, probably inevitably, rather grim. And now I am shipping Dick/Jason based on actual canon, and not just on fic. :D? (I was working on the Batsymbol part of my Batgirl cardigan as I was watching this, heh.)

Oh, I forgot to talk about finishing Justice League Unlimited! ALL THE LOVE. The finale was slightly on the action-heavy side for my taste, but the very end of it was just perfect: spoilers )

Picking my one comics icon for this post has reminded me that I haven't flailed properly about Batgirl vol 3 yet. IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. It's basically everything I want in a comic: it's funny, it's got so much heart, and it has a really great ensemble cast including a female/female mentor/mentee relationship (MY FAVOURITE). The parallels and semi-parallels between the characters and their relationships are brilliant, too. ♥ I love all the scenes with Dick and Babs, especially when he tells her off for letting Steph go out and find crime, and she's just all "yes, it is terribly irresponsible of me to take a League of Assassins-trained ten year old out crime fighting OH WAIT THAT WAS YOU." (Sidenote: have I mentioned how much I love Damian? He is all tiny and grumpy and superior, I can relate to that.)

And it's all about hope and new chances and being who you choose to be and all that good stuff. The bit that really sums it up for me is the bit in Rising where Steph tells Damian that "I don't think you understand what Barbara and I are trying to do here. [...] There's room for hope in our line of work, too." ALL THE HEARTS. Also, earlier, Steph saying that she's "whoever I choose to be", and Babs thinking about how "every day is a new chance to make the right choices". LOVE. And the final issue just breaks my heart: spoilers ) The only criticism I have is "not enough Cass" (I assume there were behind the scenes reasons not to give her a big role, but she could've been mentioned more), but other than that, perfect comic is perfect.

...yeah, so, comics is my new fandom. :D? I suppose it was inevitable, given that I really like canons where there is LOTS OF CANON.

(HI. I haven't posted for ages! How are you all? I also haven't commented much recently. I blame being busy revising, but really it is due to my general failings.)
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Here is a selection of things I have done since last I posted.

- Read a lovely Two and Jamie story by Helen Raynor ("All of Beyond", from Short Trips: Snapshots). It was sweet and kind, funny, hopeful and a little sad, just as a Second Doctor story should be. ♥

- Watched ALL the Warehouse 13 (well, except last night's episode). I don't know why it's taken me so long to get round to it, really, since if it were any further up my street it would be moving in with me. A lovely team who spend their time having steampunk adventures, caring about each other and making silly faces? DON'T MIND IF I DO. Now to get some icons...

- Been to London, twice, and seen many lovely people. ♥

- Read many many comics. Such as:
  • Batwoman: Elegy. SO GOOD. I was a little worried that the actual story wouldn't be my sort of thing, but I was completely sucked in by it. And the art is wonderful.

  • The first three Gotham Central collected editions: again, on the surface not really my thing, but still very enjoyable. Really well told stories with very dynamic art.

  • Batgirl Rising and The Flood: YES PLEASE ALL OF THIS. Absolutely adored both of these on pretty much every level: great characters, lovely development for Steph, really funny, and fundamentally optimistic.

  • Gail Simone's Wonder Woman run, up to Warkiller: I just love Wonder Woman's integrity, the way she will make her decisions and try to do what's right, and accept the consequences, whatever they are. Also, her team-up with Black Canary was just awesome.

- Almost finished knitting my Little Red Riding Hoodie (which is blue)! I am working on the attached i-cord edging and it is taking forever. I JUST WANT IT TO BE FINISHED. I have two other things I want to get on with, and I have also come down with a case of sock envy after seeing the pretty ones [ profile] amicu made. WHY AREN'T YOU FINISHED YET, CARDIGAN?

- Watched lots more Voyager, and got rather squeeful at the end of "Blood Fever", both on its own merits and because it means spoilers )

I have also done/watched/read various other things which I do not feel moved to post about at this time.
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- Vid rec: Alive by [personal profile] fly_to_dawn: awesome celebration of Primeval's Emily Merchant: time traveller, dinosaur fighter, all round amazing person. :D

- Speaking of vids, I am sort of after your help with my fictional female scientists one again, o lovely flist! As I mentioned last time, I was thinking about including Buffy disguising herself as a scientist, mostly because I love Buffy tremendously. And then I thought, well, Rose disguises herself as a scientist too: maybe if I can think of one or two more, it could be A Thing and not just Me Cheating. :D? The problem of course is that I can't think of any more. (I could've sworn that Sydney Bristow sneaked into somewhere dressed as a scientist, but I found this gallery of her aliases and it doesn't look like it.) Does anyone have any suggestions?

- Lately I have been reading a lot of comics! The medium still hasn't quite clicked for me, but I have been enjoying them all the same. Here is some incoherent squeeing some of the things I have been reading:

Now I need to make some Wonder Woman icons before I take "The Circle" back to the library. And also decide whether I'm going to ILL the next Batgirl, Secret Six and Wonder Woman books, since my library doesn't have them, or buy them and then resell them on Amazon. Decisions, decisions.


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