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1. Your main fandom of the year?

2. Your favourite film watched this year?
Star Trek Beyond, hands down. I just... really needed that film. ♥

Honourable mentions to Ghostbusters and Contact, both of which I loved a lot.

3. Your favourite book read this year?
Nothing's jumping out as a particular favourite (though there are still ten days left!) but some stuff I really liked this year included:

- Cuckoo Song (Frances Hardinge)
- Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves (James S. Corey)
- Death By Silver (Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold)
- The Blue Castle (L.M. Montgomery)
- Ancillary Mercy (Ann Leckie)

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?
STAR TREK. I'm into season three of TOS, which is... not great, by and large, but I just love them all and their faces so so much, I don't really care. And season two was generally excellent.

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?
My fandom community's mostly been offline this year, or talking online to people I also know offline. Highlights included: going to New York (!) to see Hamilton (!!!), and seeing Star Trek Beyond in the cinema, both with some of my favourite fanpeople.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
can I say Star Trek for this one too

(I really can't.)

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
I didn't really have one, possibly as a result of The Force Awakens crushing all the remaining hope out of me last year. ...yay? I mean, I did not love Every Heart A Doorway like I thought I would, but it wasn't the crushing disappointment it would have been last year.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?
Friends, I really love TOS!Kirk. I mean, not as much as Spock loves him, obviously, but still a fair bit.

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?
JAYLAH. Yes, I know she wasn't actually on TV, but that's hardly my fault, is it.

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?
Probably all of Star Trek Beyond? Or, more specifically, "I ripped my shirt again": that was the moment I knew I was going to love it.

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?
Honestly I don't really miss my old fandoms all that much. Maybe Doctor Who - I was packaging up some duplicate EDAs that I've finally got round to selling the other day and feeling nostalgic - but I know that one will be back round again eventually.

12. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
What do you mean there are fandoms that aren't Star Trek.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

I don't feel like doing the vidding meme this year, so here's a list of fanworks I have made this year instead:

Start As You Mean To Go On (Supergirl)
I Awake (Wonder Woman)
Supernova Girl (SPACE LADIES)
Anthem (Star Trek Beyond)
Welcome to New York (Agent Carter)
What About Everything - collaboration with [personal profile] silly_cleo (MCU)

Find It And Keep It (Star Trek Beyond)
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(I did not get round to posting this on Friday like I said I was going to! But I have a really good reason, of course. You see, what happened was LOOK OVER THERE A DRAGON *runs away*)

[personal profile] frayadjacent asked Vidding with Lightworks: the good, the bad, the hairpulling?

This whole post comes with the caveat that the only other program I've used is Windows Movie Maker, so that's my only basis for comparison!

The most frustrating thing that I've encountered about Lightworks is the updates. Which seems counterintuitive but there's no way to put off updating and there's no way to go back to an older version so if, say, an update BREAKS EVERYTHING you're stuck until someone on the forums works out how to fix it. This is the major reason why I'm planning to look into alternatives: the fear that another update could come along and mess things up again. :/

(Though, having mentioned the forums, they are definitely one of the good things about using Lightworks: there's a lot of knowledge and helpfulness on there. Once I've worked out the technical vocabulary to describe what it is I want to know, I can usually find an answer.)

The other thing I don't like about Lightworks is how counterintuitive bits of it feel - I tend to learn by trial and error, so this is really tricky for me! I spend a fair bit of time yelling "why did you do that, I didn't want you to do that" at it. Also, I've been using it for over a year and I still try and use CTRL+Z to undo. /o\ Plus, there isn't really any information on how to use it: just the forums and a few video tutorials on the basics. (And video tutorials make me want to bite things in frustration. Stop explaining how to open the program and tell me what I actually want to know!)

But onto the good stuff! The best thing about Lightworks is just how much you can do with just the free version. I've still only really scratched the surface of the effects package (and have barely touched any user created plugins) but pretty much everything I've wanted to do I've been able to. Transitions, lots of colouring stuff, zooming in on clips because the character I want is in the background (I'm also considering using this feature to deal with source that's in different aspect ratios, rather than faffing about cropping stuff at the clipping stage), speeding up and slowing down (to be fair to the most recent update, this has just got a lot easier), adding motion to still images... I don't really understand about masking yet but it looks like there are plenty of options for that too.

Also, NON-LINEAR EDITING. :D I couldn't go back to linear editing now if you paid me. (Well, maybe if you paid me. How much are you going to pay me?) Obviously this isn't a Lightworks specific thing but I am so glad it's something Lightworks offers: it's the one thing I HAVE to have in a vidding programme.

Those are my feelings about Lightworks! I don't recommend it wholeheartedly, but I do like it most of the time. (If anyone's thinking about trying it out and wants a guide to the basics of using it, I'd be happy to try and put one together, with the caveat that it would probably contain a lot of "there is probably a better way of doing this" and "I don't know why this works", and so on. ;))
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[personal profile] frayadjacent gave me two prompts! One of them I am answering today; the other will probably be tomorrow. (Unless it isn't. But I've drafted most of it already, so it's looking good!) Today's topic is What are your favorite character types and/or story tropes?

I love characters that don't really understand their own feelings but have a lot of them anyway (this is probably the source of my Batman problem, let's be honest), or who are trying to puzzle them out from first principles. (I wasn't going to buy the Angela comic in singles, for example, but then I read a review that said she was "weird and complicated and dealing with her emotions in awkward ways" and now my resolve is SORELY TESTED.) Characters who are a bit weird, or secretly (or not-so-secretly) giant dorks delight my heart.

I love characters who actively choose to be heroic because it's the right thing to do, who don't just do it out of instinct, duty or obligation. (I include Buffy in this because right from "Welcome to the Hellmouth" we see her over and over again rejecting the idea that she HAS to fight evil, and then choosing to do it anyway. ♥) I love female characters whose first instinct is to try and punch their way out of their problems, and I love seeing what they do when faced with a problem they can't punch.

One trope I like is "outsiders just can't understand their love", or relatedly, outsiders not being able understand something about a character because of stuff they can't talk about. That's not very well explained, is it? Hmmm. There's a bit in Bruce Wayne: Murderer where Bruce is accused of murder and he has no alibi because he was Batman at the time, so everyone in Gotham is talking about it and he can't defend himself... this is weird, isn't it? I'm OK with that.

I don't like villains, but I do like stories about reformed villains having to prove that they're definitely a good person now. (They have to be properly reformed, and ideally not to have been too villainous in the first place - I especially like it when they've been kind of villainous by default rather than by choice.) Which actually is kind of similar to the above? And also related to how much I love characters who choose to be heroes.

I like giant sprawling universes with oodles of characters and lots of history, and I like characters who already have established relationships with each other. (This was one of the things that hooked me on Birds of Prey, and thus comics in general.) I love happy endings and kindness, and characters who care about each other and who are trying their best to do the right thing, even if they can't always manage it. I would read/watch/listen to 10000000 stories about women mentoring other women, if I could only find them.

A group of misfit heroes coming together to form a team and a family will always make me happy, as will friendships in general, especially completely platonic male-female ones. I am a sucker for a hilariously punctured dramatic moment. I really like stories that take an old trope or story type and just change it enough to make it new, especially if the change is "everyone's queer" or "...but in SPACE". (Or, ideally, both.)

Also, highly intelligent people falling over. BEST.
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(Still taking prompts, though with the caveats that I'm answering them in a random order, and also that current posting rate suggests it will take me til January, if not February, to answer everything...)

[personal profile] lokifan asked for my top five children's fantasy novels! (Er, I filtered this through my brain and it kind of interpreted "top" as "ones that made a big impression on me", which may not have been what you meant - sorry!) I did try and stick to children's books rather than YA, though there's one on here that probably is YA - it was published under the Point Fantasy imprint over here, iirc.

anyway, books! )
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Happy December, everyone! Thanks for all the December talking meme prompts - I did this whole thing where I couldn't decide whether to reply to all of them or just some of them, and ended up replying to none of them, but they are all great and I am looking forward to talking about them! (Also, still taking prompts, if anyone wants to add anything. :D)

I am going to start off with this one from [personal profile] chaila: Books/comics/media you're looking forward to in 2015?

(Possibly I should have saved this one for the end of the month, when it'll be nearly 2015, but I do what I want, Thor.)

Books-wise, I'm never really aware of what's coming out when! /o\ I thought Sarah Rees Brennan's A Tale of Two Cities retelling, Tell The Wind and Fire, was out next year, so I could flail about that, but apparently it's not til 2016? So mostly what I'm excited about is series that I'm already reading that I presume will have new books next year: Seanan McGuire's Incryptid and Toby Daye series (the latter I will probably read in a giant racing tumult of FEELINGS), the last of the Raven Boys Quartet (...ok, technically I haven't read the third one yet, but I loved the first two SO MUCH), Ancillary Mercy (again, haven't read Ancillary Sword yet, but Ancillary Justice was basically everything I ever wanted).

Comics! Next year's Peggy Carter series is definitely something I'm looking forward too, mostly because I LOVED Kathryn Immonen's work on Journey Into Mystery. The Spider-Gwen one-shot was really fun and I'm excited to see it be expanded into a full series. G. Willow Wilson is writing... four issues, I think, of X-Men, so that should be a good time. I'm trying to start trade waiting more stuff (leading to the "should I start cancelling stuff off my pull list?" dilemma), so even though they've technically already started I'm looking forward to getting Captain America and the Mighty Avengers and Thor. I am looking forward to Marvel having so many female-led solo titles that I don't feel the need to buy them all! Though given She-Hulk is definitely for the chop and things are looking dicey for Elektra and Storm, this is of course not actually a given.

DC-wise, I am (possibly unjustifiably) pretty suspicious of Convergence, but given that Greg Rucka and Gail Simone are involved in the two-issue minis I think they're probably safe? So I'll probably get The Question (GREG RUCKA WRITING RENEE AGAIN AW YEAH! Also I really like Cully Hamner's art) and Batgirl (not convinced by the summary for this one, but Batgirl!Steph and Black Bat!Cass ACTUALLY INTERACTING YESSSSS), and possibly some more - I'm vaguely tempted by the all-female Justice League one, though the art is pretty eh. Sadly I am deeply uninterested in Dick/Babs, so probably won't bother with Nightwing/Oracle despite my love for both those characters. :/

Other media! STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS. Other than that, it's superheroes all the way: Age of Ultron, Agent Carter, the Teen Titans and Supergirl TV series if they get going next year... I really love superheroes and none of the current TV ones are particularly appealing to me, so I have my fingers crossed for those two!

Plus all the other cool stuff coming out next year that I've forgotten about! (Another reason I should probably have waited to post this: other people's lists to jog my memory. OH WELL.)
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The December Talking Meme was fun last year, let's do it again! Give me things to talk about and I will talk about them in December* (unless I feel I am somehow unequipped to do so, in which case I will ask you to pick a different topic). Suggest a day if you would like, but do not feel you have to!

*probably December. Almost certainly before the end of January.

And speaking of things that were fun last year, [personal profile] silly_cleo is organising another vid album project, this time to Taylor Swift's 1989! Come and join us, vidders, it will be awesome. :D
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[personal profile] chaila gave me:

12. What’s the best vidding advice you’ve ever come across?
13. What’s the worst vidding advice you’ve ever come across?

and I am going to answer them together, because I can't really identify any bad vidding advice I've come across other than advice that contradicts my answer to #12! For me, the best vidding advice I've come across is just to make the vid you want to make, the way you want to make it. I was thinking that this wouldn't necessarily work for everyone, because some people are more interested in making vids that will challenge them technically or intellectually, or making vids that will get a good response, but then I realised that actually, no, that's all covered by "make the vid you want to make in the way you want to make it". For me, though, it means "make the vid of your heart, even if no-one else will watch it, and make it in a way that will make you happy, whatever rules it breaks". So, for example, I do try and avoid talkyface in my vids unless I'm using it for a specific purpose or there's really no other option, but not because it's wrong but because I personally find it a bit distracting - I automatically try and make the shapes that the characters' mouths are making match the words I'm hearing. (Similarly, I also find it distracting when gifs are subtitled with words that the person in the gif isn't actually saying.) But on the other hand I don't really care that much about source quality or whether it's watermarked or whatever, so I'll happily just use whatever I've got as long as the quality's good enough to actually see what's going on in the clip. And I would never judge someone else for caring about source quality or not caring about talkyface just because the latter bothers me and the former doesn't. I find this a very freeing way to vid, because as a general rule I AM the sort of person who worries a lot about what other people think, so it's really helpful to be able to give myself permission not to do that.

(Whenever I post about vidding the random icon button on Dreamwidth seems to give me "experiencing technical difficulties". IT KNOWS.)
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1) Sleepy Hollow watching friends, can any of you remember if Ichabod ever puts his hands in his pockets? I am trying to recreate his coat and can't tell if they're actual pockets or just pocket flaps. /o\

2) I did that vidding meme over on tumblr a few days ago and thought I'd bring it here too, as DW is less ephemeral than tumblr. So, yes, if you'd like me to answer things, give me numbers! (Ones I've already answered: 3, 7, 16 and 8, 15.)

3) I'm pretty burnt out on DC these days (she says, on the same day she added Sensation Comics to her pull list), but these Darwyn Cooke variant covers are gorgeous. I want to hang the Wonder Woman and Catwoman ones on my wall, and the Detective Comics one makes me really happy. ♥ Even the Superman/Wonder Woman one has charmed me!
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So way back in the mists of the December posting meme, [personal profile] lost_spook gave me libraries to post about! And it's taken me ages to post about them, because I love them A LOT and wanted to create a post that would do justice to that love. Which I'm not sure I have, but here we go, nevertheless.

I love them first as a library user, which I've been all my life. I remember using the Up Hatherly Library in Cheltenham as a child: being too young to really know how long three weeks was, so Library Day was a delightful surprise. Rummaging through the Tintin and Asterix books for one I hadn't read. Begging my mum to let me borrow just ONE extra book on her card ("one of my books is an audio book and that doesn't really count, so I'm ENTITLED to another book"). Haunting the SFF section as a teenager in the hope of finding Discworld books I hadn't read. Discovering the teenage section and with it Northern Lights. Earnestly hunting for books on my recommended reading for GCSE/A-Level age groups lists. BOOKS EVERYWHERE. When I was at uni I used the library mostly for comics, despite not really being into comics then: it was Buffy and Angel tie-in stuff, plus the odd volume of Sandman, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I fell away from the library a bit when I moved to Bristol (though I still joined because obviously), but I've been using it very heavily for the last three years or so, at first because comics, but now because it's just so easy. I know my library card number and PIN off by heart, so if someone recommends a book or comic, I can hop straight over the catalogue and request or wishlist it. :D (Current stats: 17 items on loan, three available and four pending reservations, 53 things on my wishlist (...that's more than I thought there were), £2 owing.)

But I also love libraries as a concept: free access to information and entertainment for anyone who wants it. BEST. Also the public library is more or less the only public space left where you can go and not be expected to buy something, and I think that's a really valuable thing to preserve. It gets things away from the idea that everything has a price, and that if you can't afford to pay that price it's probably your own fault and you don't deserve to have it anyway. Not everything is about buying and selling, and worth isn't purely about whether something turns a profit.

I wrote my dissertation on computer access in public libraries; the attitude of the government in particular is increasingly that "it's all on the web", but there are still a great deal of people who have never used the internet, or don't have reliable access to it, or don't know how to use. And they're excluded from accessing information, and from a lot of government services, so it's vital to have somewhere they can go to get both access and help.

I think the rate of library closures is appalling, as is the fact that the government seems to think libraries can be run by volunteers, there are just so many things wrong with that I don't know where to start. The thing that worries me most with library closures and the handing of libraries over to volunteers is that once the service is gone, I don't know that we'll be able to get it back. I mean, projects for big shiny new central libraries will probably be able to get support, but reopening tiny libraries in deprived areas, or beefing up the mobile library service? Not glamorous enough. that's all depressing. But let's end on a positive note, because I really love libraries! They're this institution whose whole ethos is based on "books for everyone!" and helping people, regardless of their ability to pay, and I think that's pretty amazing.
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Here are some excellent fanworks I would like to draw attention to:

I Will Be Right Here by [personal profile] such_heights: a lovely post Frozen coda which hits on everything I loved about the film. SISTERS! ♥

Sneezes by [personal profile] cosmic_llin: adorable and hilarious ficlet in which Dax gets flu. :D

The Third Annual Occasional Monthly (Ish) Former Time Travellers' Network Meetup and Being the Apprentice Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be (Except When It Is) by [personal profile] silly_cleo: podfics of two of my fics! :D [personal profile] silly_cleo reads them both fantastically; her Sarah Jane voice in the former is SPOT ON and I particularly like her interpretation of Izzy in the latter. ♥


That icon meme I can never resist is back! \o/

1. Reply to this post with "not today," and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[ profile] ladymercury_10 gave me:

icons )
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It's the hastily renamed January posting meme! ;D [profile] crossing_hades asked "What is your ideal superhero movie?" I wasn't sure if you wanted general or specific, so here's both. ;D

Specific: I've said before that I want to live in the alternative universe where the shared universe film franchise we got was Birds of Prey, not the Avengers, with Oracle in the Nick Fury role, and I stand by that. I see it starting with a Black Canary film, which would be basically a standard superhero adventure film, but with an undercurrent of Dinah being not altogether satisfied with her life or her work with the Justice League. And it would end with a MYSTERIOUS VOICE contacting Dinah and offering her a job... And this would lead us to Black Canary 2, which would sort of also be Birds of Prey 1. We'd see Dinah and Babs working together and the rapport that had built up between them, and then the second half of the film would basically be "The Hunt For Oracle" storyline, except without the boys. So that would end with Babs and Dinah having met in person for the first time, and deciding that they maybe could expand their operation. Next up would be Vixen 1; I don't actually know that much about Vixen but I'd like to, and based on how she is in JLU I think she'd be a fun addition to the team. Her film would establish that she and Dinah know each other from the Justice League, and the post credits scene would see them out drinking together, Vixen clearly just finishing off reporting the events of the film. "So what are you up to at the moment?" asks Vixen. "Funny you should ask," replies Dinah. :D The final setup film would be Huntress 1, an artistic take on her origin story, ending with a post-credits scene where she's fighting some random thugs in an alley. A long pull back would reveal Dinah watching her from a rooftop. We see her turn to say something into her communicator, but we don't hear what.

AND THEN BIRDS OF PREY 1. This would have Oracle, Black Canary and Vixen as a mostly established team, bringing in Huntress as the rookie, whose methods the rest of our heroes aren't yet certain about. Possibly Zinda would be involved at this point too? Anyway. I have more plans! Huntress 2 would establish Vic Sage as a presence in Helena's life, but then The Question 1 would be about Renee (it would basically be Renee's plot from 52. And there'd be a whole TV adaptation of Gotham Central leading up to it), and Birds of Prey 2 would add her to the team. She and Huntress would have a slightly tense relationship at first, and her connection with Babs (through Commissioner Gordon) would also come up, though I'm not sure what I'd want done with it. And so the franchise would continue, gradually involving ALL THE DC WOMEN. YES.

...shush, I haven't thought about this too much, what are you talking about.

General: I'd want it to be a team film, preferably an established team, with lots of history and in jokes and what have you, rather than a how the band got together one (though I do like those too). As the ramblings above probably indicate, I'd want it to be full of women, and also LGBTQ+ and non-white and disabled people, and basically everyone we aren't getting in the current crop of superhero films (as fond as I am of a lot of them). It would be funny, and optimistic and hopeful, but it would also have a depth to it: it wouldn't have to be superficial just because it was funny and cheerful. There would be beautiful action sequences and awesome character work: one thing I loved about Avengers was how everyone got stuff to do, so I'd want to keep that aspect. And it would be the start of a beautiful franchise. Also fandom would love it and make all the vids and awesome fic and amazing fanart and everything would be perfect forever THE END.
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Happy 2014, everyone! Here is a 2013 roundup post. (Warning: this is post one of three for today.)

2013 was on balance pretty good to me, I think, despite some bad stuff that happened. I finished my masters (with distinction! *smug*), I went on some good holidays and to some excellent conventions, and spent time with lots of lovely people. ♥ Last year's resolutions-wise... I in no way finished all my knitting projects. I HAVE SO MANY KNITTING PROJECTS. But I made soup and went to improving lectures and cleared out some stuff and finished some of the books on my "currently reading" pile, so hurrah. This year's resolutions are basically the same: to be better, and not to beat myself up too much when I fail. Sometimes people fail at things. It's ok.

(ETA I just remembered that I'll be turning 30 this year! V. exciting. I don't usually do anything for my birthday but maybe this year should be an exception. It would involve me having to organise things and being the centre of attention though so maybe not.)

2013 was also great because I got back into vidding! I love creating stuff and I've been really blocked fic-wise basically for years, so I'm so happy that I've been able to make fanworks again. And I'm happy with what I've made, too. Come Over is probably my least favourite of the three, but I do like it a lot and it was a great way to get back into vidding. Close to Home I am pretty proud of on a technical/artistic level, and also being involved with the Vienna Teng vidding project along with a lot of people who are a) awesome and b) great at vidding was a really good experience. Into the Blue is just the vid of my HEART, and it pretty much worked out exactly how I wanted it too. And now I am working on [festivid] and gently poking a vid project that's been percolating for years and am overall v. excited about a new year of VIDDING. ♥

I still have three topics left in the December posting meme! I will get to them this month, honest. Also since I've really enjoyed this meme, if anyone has any more topics they want to throw at me, now or later, feel free!

I hope you all have wondrous 2014s full of good things. ♥
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Back to the December posting meme! [personal profile] silly_cleo said "talk about your Batfamily feelings and headcanons". The cut tags below are because, predictably, I have a lot of feelings about the Batfamily. A veritable CLOUD of feelings, you might say, if like me you had recently seen Frozen (which was excellent).

I think the Batfamily are probably the part of comics that I'm most interested in, fannishly speaking, because with things like BoP and Wonder Woman canon actually gives me quite a lot of what I'm looking for already (though more is always good), whereas a lot of the good Batfamily stuff is really distributed, or it's not quite what I want, or there's someone missing (Cass, Steph, Damian...).

feelings )

headcanons )

...this is possibly more than [personal profile] silly_cleo probably wanted to know, but she should know by now that asking me an open-ended question about the Batfamily is a dangerous thing to do. ;)
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Off sick from work today, so contemplated postponing today's December talking meme topic until tomorrow, but am feeling a bit better now so here we go! (People I owe comments and emails to, I will respond at some point! ♥)

[personal profile] carawj asked "top 5 favourite comic characters and why!"

1) Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl). PERFECT PURPLE PRINCESS OF MY HEART. I love her optimism, and how it's distinctly not naivety. I love her sense of humour. I love how hard she tries, whatever's thrown at her. She knows that she may not be the best crimefighter in the world, but she believes in what she's doing, and knows that she's capable of making a difference, even if only a small one, and how can she just sit at home, knowing that?

2) Cassandra Cain (Batgirl/Black Bat). Cass just gets me in my heart every time I read about her. She's so serious about her mission, so earnest in everything she does, but she also has an awesome sense of humour.

3) Oracle. My gateway comics character. I love how she refuses to let other people dictate or circumscribe what she can be. I love her mentor and partner relationships with other women (and that she messes up sometimes, and admits it). I love that she was the most powerful person in the DCU, and that she did it all with LIBRARY SCIENCE. ;D I love her determination (THIS PANEL, YOU GUYS), and her snarky sense of humour.

4) Wonder Woman. DIANAAAA! She has so much integrity, in what she says, what she does and in who she is. She can't be false. She's full of confidence and power, but not arrogance, and she's awe-inspiring without being aloof or cold. She can make the hard, pragmatic decisions if she has to, but she'd rather be forgiving and kind. And she's so aware of the fact that she's a role model, and that she has to live the world she wants to create.

5) Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). I already talked about her this month! Update: I still love her. ♥

And hey, I actually managed to count to the right number this time! GO ME.
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More December talking meme! [personal profile] such_heights asked "Where would you like to go in the TARDIS, and which Doctor/companions would you like to go with?"

My first instinct was to say I'd want to go with Eight, but then I remembered that there's a distinct possibility he'd get amnesia and forget about me, so that was out. And then I thought I'd say Two, but since he can't control where the TARDIS goes, picking a destination and then getting home again could be tricky. So I think I'll choose Eleven, because I love him just as much as the other two, and he is both less prone to amnesia and reasonably good at getting the TARDIS to go where he wants when it really matters. ♥ Which companions to go with was also a difficult choice, as I love them all very much, but in the end I decided to pick those of my favourites most likely to ensure that we'd all survive the adventure. So that's Bernice Summerfield, for her experience; Anji Kapoor, possibly the most sensible person ever to travel in the TARDIS; and Martha Jones, who could patch us all up if worst came to worst. Also, I think they'd all really get on with each other (dear internet, please write that fic) and would be ridiculously fun to hang out with.

As for where I'd go... that's easy. SPAAAACE. I want to touch the alien sands and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky. YES. I want all that wonder. A space station or ship would also be acceptable, it's the space bit that's key.
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December posting meme, part the viddingth! [personal profile] tellitslant asked for "the song you've always wanted to vid something to and why it's never worked out, OR, the song you want to vid everything to and haven't found the right fandom for, OR, the vid you finally made after having the song for ages?" and I am going to answer ALL OF THEM. :D

the song you've always wanted to vid something to and why it's never worked out
Actually my answer for this bit isn't that good; I don't have a specific song to name, but I do have this problem a fair bit, because when I actually listen to the words of the songs I like, they often turn out to be a) downbeat, b) definitely about romance, c) weirdly specific or d) two or more of the above. And I mostly want to make happy vids about the stuff I think is great, so this is a problem. (Also a lot of the music I like I like because I've already seen a vid to it, which is not a dealbreaker but is definitely non-optimal.)

the song you want to vid everything to and haven't found the right fandom for
Vienna Teng's Level Up, though it's not so much that I can't find the right fandom, more that ALL the fandoms are right. I want all the Level Up vids to exist and I am happy to make at least one of them, I just don't know which one to pick. Buffy, because Buffy? Young Justice, because tiny superheroes? The Steph, Cass and Oracle vid I would totally make if I wasn't scared of vidding comics? Babylon 5? (I really want to make a Babylon 5 vid.) Warehouse 13? Leverage? I CAN'T DECIDE.

the vid you finally made after having the song for ages
Into the Blue. I thought of making it as a vid about the Doctor a couple of years ago, but lack of time and my aged laptop got in the way. But then I got a new laptop and decided I wanted to make a 50th anniversary vid, and remembered about the song. And since it was an anniversary vid, it had to be about EVERYONE, not just the Doctor. Which suited me fine, because, let's be honest, I am much more interested in the companions than the Doctor.

In conclusion, ♥ vidding ♥

(I pressed the random icon button on Dreamwidth and got experiencing technical difficulties, I hope this is not prophetic...)
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December posting meme time! [personal profile] cosmic_llin asked "If you had to swap lives with a fictional character forever, who would you choose? (Bonus question, how do you think they would do at living your life?)".

This question required a lot of thinking about! The thing about the characters I love is that generally their lives involve quite a lot of peril, and also require them to be competent and physically capable and all that sort of thing, and I am not really good at any of that: if I swapped lives with Buffy, for instance, I'd be hiding in a corner within about twenty minutes. (Unless I would magically get all her skills and confidence too, in which case... sign me up!) So that ruled out quite a lot of characters. I thought about swapping with Naomi Wildman, because then I'd get to live in space and hang out with Seven of Nine, but I'm not sure how I'd deal with the "stuck in the Delta Quadrant" thing. And then it occurred to me - Dawn Summers! OK, still a certain amount of peril, but if we assume she settled into the research girl role she took up in season seven... yeah, I'd like that. Saving the world by looking stuff up! Plus, hanging out with the Buffy gang, that would be fun. I'd have to go back to school, but let's be honest, I'd be fine with that. More learning! And I'd automatically become a lot wittier if I were a Buffy character, right? That's how it works?

As to how she'd do at my life... I think she'd enjoy the break, at least at first. Not sure how she'd deal with being transplanted from nice warm California to a freezing Bristolian basement, though...
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December posting meme time! [personal profile] ladymercury_10 asked for my favourite Marvel superheroes. The title and icon choice may offer a hint as to who my top two are... ;)

My very favourite has to be Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, aka Princess Sparklefists. ♥ I love her strength and the confidence that she has from years of being a pilot and a superhero and an Avenger. I love that when confronted with a problem, her first instinct is to find a way to punch it. (This characteristic is a cast-iron way of getting me to love a female character.) I love how grumpy she can get, and I love her friendships, especially with Steve and with Jess. I love that she has a tiny fangirl! She's really great and everything about her makes me happy.

Also up there is the Lady Sif, for, actually, very similar reasons. She too is tough and confident and likes punching her problems in the face. I fell in love with her MCU version when she refused to let Thor take credit for her trailblazing heroism, and I adored her when she headlined Journey into Mystery. I particularly loved her scene with Jane Foster in the latter: women respecting each other plus fish out of water humour as Sif tries to negotiate Midgardian ways? YES PLEASE.

I also really love Monica Rambeau, though I don't know her that well (anyone have any recs for good stuff to read about her?). I mostly know her from Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. and her world weary leader schtick was very appealing to me. ♥ Her team-up with Carol in Captain Marvel was great and I LOVED that she called Carol on taking the Captain Marvel name without consulting her, and that they came to an understanding about it and punched a giant robot in the face. (I want them to have a team-up book. CAPTAINS MARVEL.)

Finesse is pretty great too, I'm not 100% a fan of everything Avengers Academy did with her, but look, she's massively competent with everything except feelings, and that there is another character trope I really love. (I am never getting over the panel where she offered to lend X-23 her set of "understanding human emotions" flashcards.)

And then there's Natasha Romanoff, and her determination, badassery, stoicism and sense of personal morality. And moving into the MCU, I really like their Steve and Thor, the former for his quiet goodness and man-out-of-time wistfulness, and the latter for the way he is always trying to be a good person. ♥ I haven't yet found a comic that makes me like them as much, but I do usually enjoy it when they turn up in other things I'm reading.

Honourable mentions go to Jessica Drew - I don't really feel like I have a handle on her character yet, but I like it when she shows up - and to Annabelle and Ren from Fearless Defenders. I hope they show up somewhere else soon! And I am very fond of Peter Parker and his self-deprecating sense of humour.

And I haven't even got into any of the X-Men yet! Storm, Kitty, Jubilee, Pixie, Bling... you guys are all great too. And I'm really enjoying Prodigy in Young Avengers, and Kate Bishop of course, and America Chavez, and this post is a little out of control at this point so time to call a halt. ;D

(Still taking prompts for this meme, if anyone has anything they want me to talk about!)
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A meme! From basically everyone:

Topic open house for December!

Pick a date in December and give me a topic, and I'll say things about it. It can be anything you want; personal, fannish, work-related, political, favourite memories, travel, whatever.

I reserve the right to hand-wave at prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

(Obv I have already missed 1st December so if you want that day you will have to invent time travel first. And I will probably not have internet access on the 14th, so if you pick that day I will have to post either late or early, depending on my organisational skills.)

list of days )


Feb. 11th, 2013 11:33 am
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Comment with your favorite color (or a color you really like, if you don't have a favorite) and I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better. Update your journal with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (NB I am REALLY BAD at thinking of questions, so this may take a while, but I will get there!)

[ profile] ladymercury_10 asked me:

questions that I had long answers for )

In other news, I am still feeling very cheerful about the existence of Fearless Defenders! Obviously there's still plenty of time for it to go HORRIBLY WRONG, but if you're interested in fun comics about diverse women having adventures, this would probably be a good shout. (Not least because I fear it may not be that big a seller, and if it gets cancelled I will be sad, and you wouldn't want that, now, would you? ;D) I am also feeling v. fannish about it, but there doesn't seem to be any fic yet, not even the Warehouse 13 crossover that issue 1 was crying out for. CATER TO MY WHIMS PLEASE, FANDOM.


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