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Happy 2014, everyone! Here is a 2013 roundup post. (Warning: this is post one of three for today.)

2013 was on balance pretty good to me, I think, despite some bad stuff that happened. I finished my masters (with distinction! *smug*), I went on some good holidays and to some excellent conventions, and spent time with lots of lovely people. ♥ Last year's resolutions-wise... I in no way finished all my knitting projects. I HAVE SO MANY KNITTING PROJECTS. But I made soup and went to improving lectures and cleared out some stuff and finished some of the books on my "currently reading" pile, so hurrah. This year's resolutions are basically the same: to be better, and not to beat myself up too much when I fail. Sometimes people fail at things. It's ok.

(ETA I just remembered that I'll be turning 30 this year! V. exciting. I don't usually do anything for my birthday but maybe this year should be an exception. It would involve me having to organise things and being the centre of attention though so maybe not.)

2013 was also great because I got back into vidding! I love creating stuff and I've been really blocked fic-wise basically for years, so I'm so happy that I've been able to make fanworks again. And I'm happy with what I've made, too. Come Over is probably my least favourite of the three, but I do like it a lot and it was a great way to get back into vidding. Close to Home I am pretty proud of on a technical/artistic level, and also being involved with the Vienna Teng vidding project along with a lot of people who are a) awesome and b) great at vidding was a really good experience. Into the Blue is just the vid of my HEART, and it pretty much worked out exactly how I wanted it too. And now I am working on [festivid] and gently poking a vid project that's been percolating for years and am overall v. excited about a new year of VIDDING. ♥

I still have three topics left in the December posting meme! I will get to them this month, honest. Also since I've really enjoyed this meme, if anyone has any more topics they want to throw at me, now or later, feel free!

I hope you all have wondrous 2014s full of good things. ♥
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- Birmingham Moor Street is an unusual beautiful train station. I discovered this on the way to [ profile] twinkygem's birthday ceilidh on Saturday, which was awesome. My legs and arms hurt but it was absolutely worth it, and I feel like the best solution to the pain is to go to MORE ceilidhs and thereby get used to it. Who's with me?

- Caught up with [ profile] veritypodcast on the way home! I love that podcast so much, and small spoiler for The Name of the Doctor ) In fact, more spoilery )

- Here is an interesting post about Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye, who is great. I've decided to go back to trade-waiting with Hawkeye, but I love Young Avengers more each issue, and Kate is one of the reasons why.

- Also on comics, I feel like I never say anything about Li'l Gotham other than IT IS A DELIGHT but that is because it is. Yesterday's issue made me laugh and laugh and also had LOTS OF ORACLE YES GOOD. ♥ (I also love that Nightwing wears an apron which has "Hot Wing" written on it, and also a red stripe in exactly the same place as the one on his New 52 costume, ahahaha.)
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Back from Barcelona! I had a lovely time seeing the sights and also my family. Among other things, we went into the Sagrada Familia, which was spectacular, and also to the Fundacio Joan Miro, which I went to on a school trip in 2000 and wanted to see again. It was definitely worth it: I particularly liked seeing these three untitled pieces, which sadly don't look nearly as good in photos, and Morning Star: I've had a poster of this since 2000 and yet I still found myself standing in front of it for ages, just looking at it. Also it was sunny! I don't really know how to deal with that. (I was going to link to my photos here, but sadly Facebook seem to have taken away the option to let you do that, because it is the worst.) Then I came back to England and it was freezing cold and raining and I didn't have a coat, and therefore I plunged instantly into the Slough of Despond. Oh well, at least it's nearly Vidukon.

Here are some miscellaneous comics things I felt like posting about:

- Should I be reading FF? Because it looks adorable.

- I have been slightly worried about the Captain Marvel/Avengers Assemble crossover, because the whole "female lead is seeing things that aren't there" aspect has the potential to be unfortunate, but I bought the introductory issue and liked it a lot, mostly because it's basically a bonus Captain Marvel issue. not actually spoilers really ) It also made me think about the similarities between Captain Marvel and Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl (whyyyyyy doesn't anything about that book exist any more? *wails, gnashes teeth, rends garments*): they both star a tough blonde woman who has recently taken on a new identity that used to belong to someone they respected; they both have a large female heavy rotating supporting cast of excellent people, including a tiny fangirl; they are both delightfully quiptastic... I think we may have found my formula for a perfect comic. Obviously they're not identical - Steph and Carol are at very different stages of their superhero careers, for example, but even so, the similarities please me.

- Here is a thing that is both good and frustrating: [ profile] superladiesmissing, cataloguing superhero merchandise that has forgotten to involve any women (something I particularly hate because I like stuff but also like superheroines). Particular offenders seem to be the Avengers film stuff and Justice League merchandise. Dear people making Justice League stuff: YOU NEED TO PUT WONDER WOMAN ON IT. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Ideally other women too, but Wonder Woman is ESSENTIAL. WeLoveFine seems to be better than most at having superheroine merchandise, though their "put it all out in men's sizes only then add women's sizes if enough people ask" policy is a little frustrating, but sadly shipping to the UK makes it prohibitively expensive. :( I have ended up resorting to making my own Steph!Batgirl t-shirt but this is by no means an ideal solution.
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Have not been on the internets much recently: came down with a cold, and then went up to my parents' for Easter and did not take my laptop. Excitingly, whilst I was there, Chicks Unravel Time was nominated for a Hugo! Gosh. (The only other thing I have read in that category was Chicks Dig Comics, which I also really liked. Go Mad Norwegian Press!)

Also over the last week I...

- played the piano! I'd forgotten how much fun "I Dreamed A Dream" is to play, even though I am not as good at it as I used to be (I used to know the entire first page off by heart, so I could start on page two and not have to turn over). When I am grown up I shall have a piano, and also possibly lessons, because I am not that great at it.

- went to see Richard III at the Tobacco Factory, which was really excellent. I don't know the play at all, nor much about the history, so didn't really know what to expect, but it was great, and contained more black humour and good parts for women than I was expecting. I'm going to see the other half of the Shakespeare season, Two Gentlemen of Verona, in a few weeks and am now looking forward to it even more. (I also have a spare ticket to it that I'm trying to sell; give me a shout if you think you might want it!)

- watched the first six episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and became very enthusiastic about it. The first episode in particular was very good, and I like that they're bringing up themes of power, responsibility, and whether the ends justify the means without going all grimdark about it. Also Wasp is the MOST ADORABLE, my goodness, tiny and tough and competent and AMAZING. (Thor is definitely second in the adorableness stakes, as is right and proper.)

- read the third issue of Young Avengers, which I feel has really hit its stride: it had all the humour and pace and heart of the first two issues, but felt a lot more substantial than they did and therefore banished the tiny voice in the back of my mind that was going "I paid TWO POUNDS AND TEN PENCE for this". Good.

- watched "The Bells of Saint John": minor spoilers )

- caught up with [ profile] veritypodcast, which is A Good Thing and makes me feel very happy to be part of Doctor Who fandom. This week's episode was an excellent discussion of season 7a, which I had to pause briefly to watch two of [personal profile] such_heights's great season 7 vids, I am destroyer I am lover and Sunday (I would have watched Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and As Cold As It Gets too but they weren't on my ipod for some reason). I feel a lot more warmly towards "Asylum of the Daleks" than I did when it was first broadcast, because "I am destroyer I am lover" is so sharp and cool and interesting, and "Sunday" just fills me with many Pond-related feelings. ♥

Now I am away to catch up on DW/LJ/reply to things/generally make my life less of a disorganised mess than it currently is. I may be some time.
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- I really need to stop reading about Batman Inc #8, it's only making me unhappy. And I'm finding the way DC's been hyping it pretty distasteful - spoilers, though anyone who cares probably already knows ) The other frustrating thing is it's putting me off other comics - I was going to read the last volume of Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman run, which I KNOW is going to be both awesome and right up my alley, last night, but I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm. (Since DC has been having trouble with the word, I feel I should point out that this is what "toxic" really is: liable to put me off even largely unrelated comics, not "character with a fanbase that won't shut up about how poorly the said character has been treated".)

- Lack of posting recently is due to the fact that I have to do All The Things in the next few weeks, but am going to be away for a couple of weekends, oh dear. It's all doable, I've just got to get on with it and stop flapping around. (Oh, and I have a somewhat epic "things read in February" post on its way tomorrow...)

- One of the things is my Vidukon vidshow! It's getting there, though I'm having a surprising amount of trouble picking a Star Trek vid. Does anyone know any that are particularly spacetastic? (Or alternatively, does anyone fancy looking at my shortlist and giving me a second opinion? :D?)

- INFORMATION. Here is an excellent post on Blake's 7 and why you should watch it (spoiler: BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME) by [personal profile] lost_spook!
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Here is a year in review post, sort of thing. I have probably forgotten most of the things that should have gone into it.

Things I liked in 2012 )

Things I am excited about in 2013 )

2012 In Fanworks )

2012 In General Life Stuff )

Happy New Year!

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Here is a year in review post, sort of thing. I have probably forgotten most of the things that should have gone into it.

Things I liked in 2012 )

Things I am excited about in 2013 )

2012 In Fanworks )

2012 In General Life Stuff )

Happy New Year!


Dec. 21st, 2012 11:16 am
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1) Have decamped to The Parents' house for Christmas! As a result, I may not be around that much over the next week or so, what with all the lounging around drinking tea and playing games I need to do. If there's anything you think I should see/comment on, give me a shout!

2) Vid rec! Can't Go Back Now (BTVS) by [personal profile] such_heights is a really lovely character study of Willow in seasons 1-4. ♥

3) It's really time I accepted that my resolution not to get embroiled in any ongoing comics has been broken: I've been buying Saga for a while (SO GOOD), and Li'l Gotham (SO ADORABLE), and I've just bought Hawkeye #6, which was ace, so I'll probably start getting that too. And if I'm getting that, I might as well investigate getting Captain Marvel too, right? Also, is anyone reading Amethyst Sword of Sorcery? It looks vaguely like the sort of thing I'd like, and I'm pro comics with female leads and writers, but on the other hand, it does mean giving DC money for a new 52 title, and I haven't seen anything that's made me go "MUST READ THIS NOW" yet. Hmm.
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I think I am winning? I wanted to get it mostly finished before I go on holiday (tomorrow! straight from work to the station! then a five hour train journey, oh dear), and I think I might have done? Though either it is The Worst Literature Review Ever, I don't know what I am doing, my brain is just WIRED WRONG for this sort of thing... or the Impostor Syndrome Hamsters have been nibbling on my brain again. I hope it is the latter.

Unrelatedly, I can't stop staring at this Mars panorama and going "that's another planet! ANOTHER PLANET! ♥_♥"
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- I went to Spain to visit my sister and her boyfriend! It was excellent. We went sightseeing on Friday, climbed a hill on Saturday and went to the beach on Sunday. Here are some pictures!

- Over the weekend I read The Crimson Petal And The White, and spent most of my reading time trying to decide whether I liked it or not. And then I got to the end and discovered that I entirely didn't. AUTHORS. FINISH YOUR BOOKS PROPERLY. I don't need everyone's complete future life laid out, but some sort of resolution to major ongoing plot threads/developments would be nice. >:(

- On the train back to Barcelona (where I was flying from) I listened to the latest Big Finish release, "Kiss of Death". spoilers )

- I got back to Bristol at about 5pm on Monday and did the following things: 1) checked my email 2) made a cup of tea and 3) watched "The Almost People". spoilers )
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- I read some Leverage spoilers and they made me VERY HAPPY. (Spoilers for casting and the basic premise of two episodes at that link.) Specifically, the bit that made me happy was: spoilers )

- On the Doctor Who front, I never got round to posting about "The Doctor's Wife" and the moment has now passed, but suffice to say that I really loved it. ♥ This week's I loved slightly less, though. spoilers ) I also feel the need to note that the first ten minutes or so of the Confidential, in which Our Heroes struggle on despite Adverse Weather Conditions (TM), were entirely adorable.

- I watched the first five episodes of The Vampire Diaries at the weekend! spoilers )

- In non-TV related news, this week is a busy week! (The good sort of busy, not the too-much-work sort.) Today I had a lovely lunch with [personal profile] fallingtowers, and tomorrow The Mother is coming down for lunch and shopping. And on Thursday I am going to visit The Sister in Spain! Er. Ash cloud permitting. I heard on the radio last night that it's supposed to be over Northern Spain "later in the week". NO THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT. Also the forecast is for the temperature where The Sister is to drop from 32C to 14C between Wednesday and Thursday. *frowns at nature*
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I'll be heading off to Cheltenham after work today to visit The Parents for Easter; don't know yet what my plans will be (apart from meeting [ profile] cheltenhamjess and [ profile] adamvanky for pub quiz shenanigans this evening), so don't know how much I'm likely to be around - if there's anything you think I should/would like to see, let me know!

(I will definitely be around at some point tomorrow, to post an edition of [ profile] soniclipstick. If there's anything you'd like me to include in it, please do let me know - feel free to leave links here, or on the most recent edition, whichever you prefer. ♥)


Feb. 3rd, 2011 10:50 am
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[ profile] halfamoon is running at the moment, and it is full of awesome! Two multifandom vid recs first: Tightrope by [personal profile] such_heights and She's A Rebel by [ profile] kaydeefalls, both of which make me v. happy. Also, the Unpopular Woman Love Post is going again (I am tracking it so my inbox is FLOODED WITH LOVE) and there is a female character friending meme too! \o/

I have some new friends as a result of that last one (yay!) so here is an introduction thing: I am Jenni, I like stuff. When I am not on the internets, I work full time in an academic library, and also I am studying part time for a Masters in Information and Library Management, so if I am not around much from time to time it is probably because I am reading ALL the things. I also like to knit; here is a picture of the last thing I made, one of a pair of cabled handwarmers which I am mostly wearing inside at the moment, because my flat is cold. And here is what I am making at the moment - Knitty's Spoke. Fandom-wise, I moderate [ profile] amongthedeadmen, a Benny Summerfield community (and if you don't know who Benny is, I recommend getting to know her, especially if you like time travelling archeologists who have adventures), edit [ profile] soniclipstick on Mondays and edit [ profile] who_daily every other Friday. I heart vids the most, though I don't know how to make them, and I am going to [ profile] vidukon this year, which I am VERY excited about. :D Other places where I am: twitter, librarything and ravelry! I am also on tumblr as usuallyhats, but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet.

And now I am off to look at [ profile] halfamoon some more. :D
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  • Watched Primeval, which I am watching this season, except that I missed last week's episode, whoops. Anyway. I never quite love Primeval as much as I want to, but it often has lots of awesome bits that make me v. happy, as, for instance, this week: dinospoilers )

  • Boggled at how a Guardian columnist managed to take "two men make sexist comments" and explain how it was really all the fault of THE WIMMENZ. The argument, so far as I could gather, went something like: women have been infecting society with their dreadful need for CONVERSATION, which leads to the terrible scourge of BANTER, which leads INEVITABLY to people getting caught saying sexist things. (I exaggerate a little.) Also I am very very tired of the "women don't understand the offside rule!" meme. It is not some magical thing that all men are born knowing and all women can never possibly comprehend. In fact the list of people who know it includes me, a woman who cares nothing for the football at all.

  • Failed to remember that I cannot make curry that actually tastes of anything, no matter what recipe I follow. :( And I have leftovers of it to eat tonight. Boo.

  • Felt as if my weekend was a bit of a busman's holiday at times, since I spent an awful lot of it reading about libraries. It was pretty interesting, though!

  • Watched some more festivids! Still not all the way through, but here is another handful of recs:
    - The Owl Moans Low (Lost In Austen)
    - After All (SJA)
    - Who Needs Enemies (DS9)
    - Resistance (TNG)
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(subject line courtesy of me reading Quotable Star Trek at 2am because I couldn't sleep.)

HELLO WORLD. I went to Nottingham for the weekend and saw lots of university friends, it was ace. Here are some pictures. (Not pictured: watching Enchanted, which I had never seen before and now love a bit.) Then I came home and was STRUCK DOWN by a cold, which was less good. I am mostly better now, but have probably missed stuff on the flist due to lack of brain, so do tell me about things I may have missed!

Being ill meant I have listened to a fair bit of Big Finish in the last few days. First I listened to the latest one, "The Crimes of Thomas Brewster", which I rather liked: mild spoilers ) Next up was a Benny audio, "The Crystal of Cantus". I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Currently debating whether to buy season seven straight away or wait and see if it's in the summer sale. (Season six was in last year's! It's possible!) Seventy pounds is a lot of money to spend all in one go, but on the other hand it is pretty good for six audios and three books. Anyway. Then there was "Nekromanteia"; I dozed through some of disc one which may account for my not really liking it. The fact that I woke up properly just in time for the scene where spoilers ) Then I tried to listen to "The Guardian of the Solar System", but kept falling asleep, which was very annoying as the bits I did hear sounded awesome. Will have to try again when I have more brain.

I've also been working my way through this year's Festivids! (Didn't have enough brain for vids on Monday, which was a little distressing.) I'm not very far through the list, but here are some recs anyway:

- We Won't Run (Children of Men)
- Never the Same (Narnia)
- There Is a Boy Who Never Goes Out (Dead Like Me)
- Both Eighth Doctor vids: One Day Like This and New Shoes
- Amnesia (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
- Friends (How I Met Your Mother)

Recs for fandoms beginning with the letters I-Z may be forthcoming at a later date. I hear there is an excellent DS9 vid in there somewhere which I am looking forward to. Speaking of DS9, [ profile] ds9_rewatch is happening! I missed the live watch last week but am hoping to jump in for some later episodes. Hurrah!

Hmmm, I think I may not be as better as I thought I was, my typing today has been even more terrible than usual. Today is UWE day, so I am at work til 1, then I have to get the bus up to UWE for lectures from 2.30 to 4.30 and 5.30 to 7.30. Will I make it all the way to 7.30 without giving up and going home? Tune in for the next exciting installment!
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- Four clips from "A Christmas Carol"! Obviously both the clips and my reactions contain spoilers! So here is a handy spoiler-cut. )

- Went to a lovely Christmas party, hosted by [ profile] cosmic_llin, [ profile] carawj and [ profile] silly_cleo, at the weekend! Sparkliness abounded, it was awesome.

- Decorated my flat on Wednesday! Rather rubbish pictures: here and here. And almost all my cards are posted, and last night I wrapped most of my presents. (I am terrible at wrapping presents. D:) I only have to get a few more things for [redacted] and [redacted], and if everyone could think arrive-y thoughts at my present for [redacted], that would be appreciated.

- Here are ten of my favourite vids from this year!
  • [ profile] cosmic_llin's Machine (Voyager, Seven of Nine) - perfect song for Seven, and beautifully done: hard to pick a favourite moment, but I really love the "and she lacks my organics" sequence.

  • Also on a Star Trek theme, I loved [personal profile] kuwdora's I Wish I Was James Bond - brilliant Bashir vid.

  • On the Leverage front, I cannot stop watching [ profile] mareeana's Happy Working Song! (spoilers up to mid season 3 ish) It works so well, and the section to "you can do a lot when you've got / such a happy little tune to hum" flows particularly marvellously.

  • This was recced all over the place when it came out so most of you have probably seen it, but if you haven't, go immediately and watch [ profile] millylicious's Party in the Midlands (Legend of the Seeker), because it is AWESOME.

  • Another VVC vid that I loved: [personal profile] trelkez's Take On Me, a multi-era Doctor Who vid that just fills me with so much love for the show. Favourite moment is probably Nine taking Rose's hand around about "it's no better to be safe than sorry". ♥

  • Continuing the Doctor Who theme, so many awesome season five vids! Two of my favourites were Stuck to You by [ profile] humansrsuperior, an Eleven/Amy/Rory vid that just makes me go :DDD, and Lullaby Storm by [personal profile] such_heights, which is just gorgeous.

  • Speaking of [personal profile] such_heights, I also loved her Rose vidlet, Pull Shapes - just adorable!

  • One more Doctor Who vid! [personal profile] some_stars's Ace vid, On Your Wings, is fantastic, really spooky and dreamlike.

  • And vid number ten: Gift by [profile] bisclaveret (Buffy). It's a song that gets vidded a lot, but I really love this version of it: it's just perfect for the slayers.
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A belated happy birthday to [ profile] hoshinekoyasha, and a very belated happy birthday to [ profile] ghost2! Hope you both had lovely days.

Sorry, have been rather absent recently, due to feeling a bit hide-under-the-desk-y. I've been reading and thinking of comments and then... not actually leaving them. Whoops. Will try and be better in future! Also, I went away for the weekend. Well, to Cheltenham, where I met up with Izzy, Jess and Vanky and we all went to see the Everyman Youth Theatre's production of Carpe Jugulum. It was a lot of fun, and one of the Nanny Oggs (the cast was huge, so halfway through a lot of the extras became main characters and vice versa) in particular was smashing. ("We'll all be killed in each other's beds!") Both the Oatses were really good, too, and changing the actor actually worked in terms of his characterisation. It was in the studio theatre, and we sat right at the front, which is a little alarming as I worry that the actors can see me and that I therefore have to make appropriate faces. Also once when I sat at the front I got jenga bricks kicked all over me. Anyway. It made me want to go home and reread all my Discworld books, but they wouldn't fit in my rucksack so I settled for just A Hat Full of Sky, as I bought that one just after the last Great Discworld Reread.

And then I came back to Bristol, baked a cake and watched Giles and Sue Live the Good Life, which was a delightful farrago of incompetence, innuendo and cosplay, and I am looking forward to part two tonight.

My restore-from-saved-draft was some stuff about Spooks, which is no longer terribly timely, but I shall finish and post it anyway. spoilers )
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Have had two weeks of lectures so far! Am enjoying them, though have not quite settled in yet. We are expected to do a lot of extra reading, but I am not quite sure what to read (it is not like English where it just goes: "read book/play/poem, read books/journals about said book/play/poem, go hmmm for a bit, move on with your life), so there is a fair bit of reading ejournals at random and going AAAAARGHHHH. But I got some books out of the library last night, which is a very reassuring thing to do, I find. One of this term's two modules is a management one and my coursework is to write a report; I have no idea what to write it on AAAAARGHHHH. Well, that is not quite true, I have ideas, but they are vague and amorphous (and possibly unworkable), so I need to catch one and pin it down. WITH PINS.


I am THISCLOSE to finishing a fic (which I have been thisclose to finishing for about a year, I must admit), so this seems like as good a time as any to mention again that I have a beta filter where I post nearly-done fics in the hope that anyone who is passing by and in the mood for some betaing will have a look at them and point out all my terrible errors. If anyone would like to be added to it, just give me a shout - I would be very grateful! It is not what you might call a heavy traffic filter, as you can tell by the fact that this is the first fic I have even come close to posting to it all year. (Yes, I completely flaked out on my tardis_bingo fic. And I still owe people stuff from [ profile] fandom_stocking. OH SELF.)


Dear people who walk two abreast along narrowish pavements: if someone (ie me) is walking towards you, you might want to think about activating single file mode, since the other person cannot in fact get any smaller. Hope this is helpful! Love [personal profile] shinyjenni
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1) Happy birthday to [personal profile] brewsternorth and [ profile] black_rider!

2) In my continuing quest not to be in Bristol for long enough to do any housework, I went to Bath at the weekend! I met up with some schoolfriends and we went lion hunting (nb not real lions. Pictures here on facebook!), then played Settlers of Catan until about 2am. This it turns out is an excellent game, and I am not just saying that because Izzy and I won first time, honest.

3) My digibox seems to be working again; it let me watch all of the extended Doctor Who at the Proms on Friday night! And then it let me watch the red-button Backstage at the Proms extra, which was particularly great as I was in it a bit. They did some interviews with people in the queue, of which two were with people I'd met (I can't remember either of their names because I am rubbish, but one was a really good Amy cosplayer and the other was a girl with a fantastic Dalek t-shirt) and there I was in the background, sitting on a wall with my knitting and trying to a) sit up straight and b) look nonch'lant. Exciting stuff!

4) Meh, I think I am pretty much finished with Merlin. spoilers for 3x01 ) I did want to keep watching it because of casting spoilers; spoilers for later episodes ) I think I shall just look at the pretty pictures on tumblr instead.

5) 30 days of Who meme, also in ranty mode... Day 27 – An Episode You Wish Hadn't Been Made )

all the days )
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1) In Life News, have got a place on the Masters course I mentioned a while ago (in Information and Library Management), so will be starting that in a few weeks. Exciting! Also terrifying. I am doing it part time and also working full time (with one afternoon off a week in term time) since the course is at UWE, which is conveniently in Bristol.

2) I finally got round to watching Bernice Summerfield: Dead and Buried! It is SO GOOD. I was particularly impressed that it wasn't all dialogue, and that for quite a lot of the running time the story relied on the animation to carry it, which absolutely paid off - the animation was fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

3) 30 Days of Who meme! Day 04 – Your Favourite Doctor )

all the days )


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