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1. I went to see Cursed Child the other week! I had very few expectations going in, other than that the staging would be fantastic (which it was), but friends, I loved it. I mean, I'm sure there are criticisms to be made of it? But I just enjoyed it so much. (Not least because I went to see it with [personal profile] raven, so we got to talk about our reactions and take photos of each other with our respective house banners. ♥) I laughed, I cried, I never knew what was going to happen, it was excellent. I'm torn between "I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN" and "I don't want to risk diluting this wonderful experience". I do want to read the script, though, which I haven't yet done.


2b. I saw Star Trek Beyond a year ago yesterday, so have now been at Peak Star Trek Joy for a whole year and it's been amazing.

3. THIRTEEN. I didn't really know who Jodie Whittaker was, so it took a moment to sink in, but then I watched the teaser and suddenly had all these emotions in my eyes. And she looks so Doctorish! A little weird and otherworldly and mischievous. I can't wait. It's a shame that we still have a white actor playing the Doctor (my top picks for Fourteen: Meera Syal, Indira Varma, Josette Simon), but this means so much to me even so, not least because I was so sure it was going to be yet another white dude. Also, I watched a few episodes last season for Bill, who is wonderful, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be Thirteen's companion, whilst also resigning myself to the likelihood that we'll get a solo boy companion instead.

4. Character announcements for Young Justice season three! I've always found Young Justice a bit hit and miss (I still haven't seen the last three episodes), but with enough hits to keep me more or less on board. ALSO. don't think this is really a spoiler, but just to be on the safe side ) I'm also holding out a teeny tiny bit of hope that now they're free of the constraints of whatever network they were on before, they might be able to include queer characters, as originally planned.
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The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith
Sea of Poppies - Amitav Ghosh
Doctor Who: City of Death - James Goss
Tooth and Claw - Jo Walton
Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders - Kate Griffin
Secret Avengers: God Level
JLA: World Without Grown-Ups
If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home - Lucy Worsley
Doctor Who: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark - Andrew Hunt
Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice
New Avengers: The Reunion
The Coldest Girl In Coldtown - Holly Black
Kitty Peck and the Child of Ill Fortune - Kate Griffin
The Blue Castle - L. M. Montgomery

Doctor Who: City of Death (two stars), Tooth and Claw (three stars), The Coldest Girl In Coldtown (three stars), The Blue Castle (five stars) )
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Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernow
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
Gotham Academy: Welcome to Gotham Academy
Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb
Companion Piece: Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who ed LM Myles and Liz Barr
The Pulse: Thin Air
Ms Marvel: Crushed
The Brontë Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects - Deborah Lutz
A Man Lies Dreaming - Lavie Tidhar
Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us - John Hills
We Should All Be Feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Resistance is Futile - Jenny T. Colgan
Ms Marvel: Last Days
The Pulse: Secret War
The Pulse: Fear

Gotham Academy: Welcome to Gotham Academy (five stars), Dragon Haven (four stars), Companion Piece (five stars), The Brontë Cabinet (four stars), Resistance is Futile (four stars) )

Didn't finish: Black Wolves, Astro City: Life in the Big City )

A short story I enjoyed this month:
The Spy Who Never Grew Up by Sarah Rees Brennan, in which Peter Pan is recruited into the Secret Service.
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Since it is nearly 2016, here are some things that made me happy in 2015, sorted vaguely by category. There were probably more, but I can't remember what they were right now.

- Peggy Carter, punching people so pleasingly, and realising that trying to win the respect of her male colleagues is trying to win a rigged game. If they don't value her, that's THEIR problem.
- Kara Danvers, dorky ray of sunshine and superpower.
- Jessica Jones, bruised and cynical and fundamentally heroic.
- Kamala Khan, noblest of dorks.
- Carol Danvers, punching the sky. The last issue of her comic made me cry; I am looking forward to seeing her have space adventures with Abigail Brand next year.
- Possibly stretching the definition of "hero" a tiny bit, but Loki: Agent of Asgard was one of my favourite comics of the year, despite the endless crossovers it got tangled up in, and I am sad it's over.
- Age of Ultron gave me NATASHA and WANDA and MARIA and HELEN, and also some boys, some of whom were also quite good, and it was GREAT. And then [personal profile] purplefringe made Wolf Like Me, a beautiful Natasha vid, and everything was excellent.

- I played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and fought a lot of lightsaber battles and lost a lot of money playing Pazaak and it was GREAT. Also this one time I found a gong and I clicked on it and it went bong. (I ask for very little in a computer game.)
- [ profile] kathkin's lovely Second Doctor era fic made me very happy this year.
- seeing "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "Trials and Tribble-ations" (aka "Kirk Is Super Done With Everything About Today" and "Jadzia has the best day ever") with many excellent humans.
- reading Una McCormack's The Crimson Shadow and still wanting to draw hearts around it months later, for reasons of GARAK, and also spoilers )
- my gaming group is slowly starting to work its way through Mass Effect. I AM EXCITE.

- Sarah Caudwell's Hilary Tamar mysteries, recommended to me by [personal profile] raven, are a gem: witty and delightful.
- I read Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor the other day and, oh, my heart. People trying to be kind and to act rightly in difficult situations. ♥
- I followed Tansy Rayner Roberts's Musketeer Space, a retelling of The Three Musketeers, but with lots of women and queer people and brown people, and also set in space, as it was being serialised, and I loved it SO MUCH. Highly recommended! I want to read a million more things like it.

- Hamilton! I feel like I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said at length elsewhere, but I really love it and am so excited about the fact that I'm going to see it next year. :DDDD
- Sense8! I didn't talk about this anywhere, but I really enjoyed it. I loved that it took its time and really immersed us in the characters, and I liked (almost) all the sensates and their associated humans a whole lot.
- Person of Interest's Sameen Shaw. PRECIOUS VIOLENT WEIRDO. <3
- KORRA. The last two seasons were SO GOOD.
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Lovely Festividder, thank you for making me a vid! ♥ I am so excited to see whatever you make, and I hope you have fun making it. :D If you already have an idea, hurray, but if you are looking for more guidance, this is the post for that! But rest assured that whatever vid you make, I will be happy. ♥

general likes and dislikes )

specific fandoms: Batgirl (2000-2006), The Batman, Borgen, The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot, The Sapphires, Scott and Bailey, Supergirl, Vixen )

Thank you again, lovely person! I hope some of this wittering was helpful to you. ♥
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The BBC are rereleasing another set of Doctor Who books, this time under the theme of "history"! And having judged the last set of these they did, I am going to judge these ones too. :D

The Witch Hunters - Steve Lyons (One, Susan, Ian, Barbara) Aw, this was one of the first ones I read, and I liked it a lot! Nice characterisation and fits into the era perfectly. (Apart from the big continuity error in the coda, which relies on spoilers ))

The Roundheads - Mark Gatiss (Two, Jamie, Ben, Polly) It's ages since I read this, so I don't remember it terribly well, but I think it was pretty decent? I think there was some gender stuff that annoyed me, but Gatiss's work is usually fairly enjoyable, and anything with this TARDIS team that isn't a disaster generally makes me happy.

Amorality Tale - David Bishop (Three, Sarah Jane) Again, it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I basically hated this one?

The English Way of Death - Gareth Roberts (Four, Romana II, K-9) Hey, this one I read pretty recently! It's a bit Missing-Adventures-y in that there's some gratuitous gruesomeness, but otherwise it's great fun.

No Fifth Doctor books, though thinking about the ones I've read, I'm not sure what they could have picked. The only historical I can think of is Empire of Death, which contained an anti-abortion subplot delivered with all the subtlety of a brick to the forehead. D:

Shadow in the Glass - Stephen Cole and Justin Richards (Six, the Brig) ...I have definitely read this, but remember nothing about it. It's got the Brigadier in it, so that's a point in its favour? (Having checked my tags, apparently I read it in 2007 and liked it.)

Human Nature - Paul Cornell (Seven, Benny) Read this, it's great. It has a much better ending than the TV version, plus more pacifism, Benny befriending a suffragette, and also some gay characters, hurrah! It doesn't have Martha, but since she hadn't been invented when it was written, I suppose I can let that slide.


No Ninth Doctor book, either. I have less outrage about this, though, largely because I've only read one Ninth Doctor book and it was set in the present day. Sorry, Nine!

The Stone Rose - Jacqueline Rayner (Ten, Rose) I haven't read this (though I do own it), but it's by Jacqueline Rayner so it's probably good.

Dead of Winter - James Goss (Eleven, Amy, Rory) I haven't read this one either! It's got good reviews, but I am judging it a bit for not being Una McCormack's The Way Through the Woods, though, that one was great.
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Her Brilliant Career: Ten Extraordinary Women of the Fifties - Rachel Cooke*
Princeless: Save Yourself
Green Arrow: Quiver*
Unmade - Sarah Rees Brennan
Princeless: Get Over Yourself
The Mad Ship - Robin Hobb
Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Chronicles - Lance Parkin*
Doctor Who: The English Way of Death - Gareth Roberts
The Ghost Bride - Yangsze Choo
The Mummy Case - Elizabeth Peters
Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie
If This Is A Man/The Truce - Primo Levi
Star Wars: Razor's Edge - Martha Wells*

*reviewed )

I didn't get round to reviewing half the stuff I meant to this month! I also really recommend Princeless, Unmade (...though I recommend reading the two previous books, Unspoken and Untold, first), The Ghost Bride and Ancillary Justice.
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The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater
Uncanny X-Force: Let It Bleed
A Tangle of Magicks - Stephanie Burgis
*Adaptation - Malinda Lo
*The Shadowed Sun - NK Jemisin
*The Long Earth - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
*Ironskin - Tina Connolly
*Voices from the Past ed. Scott Harrison and Lee Harris
Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues
Runaways: Rock Zombies
Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire
*Riddle of the Labyrinth: The Quest to Crack and Ancient Code and the Uncovering of a Lost Civilisation - Margalit Fox
Midnight Blue-Light Special - Seanan McGuire
Doctor Who: Secrets of the TARDIS
Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire
*Stuff Matters: The Strange Story of the Marvellous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World - Mark Midiownik
*Doctor Who: To The Slaughter - Steven Cole
*The School for Good and Evil - Soman Chainani
White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion
Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett

some thoughts on some things )

I am also aflail with love for Seanan McGuire's stuff, but not really in a way where I wanted to say things about the individual books? READ THEM, THEY'RE GREAT.
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On Saturday I went to a marathon screening of The Enemy of the World amd The Web of Fear, neither of which I'd seen before outside of recons. The screening was in London, so I had to get up BEFORE 7AM to get there (no, I am never going to stop moaning about this, my natural hours of sleep are 2am-10am so losing my Saturday lie-in is a big deal), but it was absolutely worth it: it was a really great way to see the episodes for the first time. (I can neither confirm or deny that I got a tiny bit emotional as Enemy of the World part one started. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO SO MUCH.)

Both stories looked AMAZING on the big screen and I thoroughly enjoyed them both. Recons can't really compare (as became obvious with Web of Fear episode three, though to be fair the BBC's recon wasn't as good as some recons I've seen). Enemy of the World is definitely the stronger story, partly because The Web of Fear is essentially a base under siege story, albeit a pretty good one. Web of Fear falls down a bit by having slightly too many named secondary characters, I thought: their deaths didn't quite mean as much as I think the story wanted them too. Also Victoria doesn't come off very well: there's nothing wrong with a female character screaming and being scared, of course, but it's a shame she didn't really have anything more to do on top of that. She does much better in Enemy of the World, where yes, she's scared, but she has some lovely moments of defiance too, when pushed far enough: snapping "Don't shout at me" at Bruce, attacking the Doctor when she think's he's Salamander, and generally getting to do plot-relevant stuff too. The Web of Fear does do really well at claustrophobia, though, with the good guys getting trapped in a gradually-decreasing section of the underground, and has some excellent secondary characters: Professor Travers is hugely dynamic and fun (and having Team TARDIS run into someone they've met before is always great; I don't remember this happening before, but I may be wrong), it was great to see the Brig before he was the Brig, and Anne Travers was marvellous. She was cool, intelligent, amused, scared sometimes but not incapacitated by her fear, and generally great. I also liked the fact that there was a definite difference between the way the soldiers treated her (as a woman who does science) and the way the Doctor treated her (just as a scientist). The sets are, of course, fantastic. I really liked the one used for the story's denoument, which, obviously, I hadn't seen before.

The Enemy of the World has a much more interesting plot, I thought: and thus gets a spoiler cut )

I was also pleased to see that both stories had lots and lots of gratuitous clinging and hand holding for Two, Jamie and Victoria. THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO SEE.

The screening was followed by a fun Q&A with Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling, Michael Troughton and Ralph Watson (who played Captain Knight in The Web of Fear), moderated by Tony Hadoke. Also, it turned out that in the audience was someone who'd been a junior camera operator on The Web of Fear, and Tony Hadoke, being Tony Hadoke, had realised who he was and asked him to tell us what he remembered about the production. He talked about how they'd had to put the camera at an angle to film the opening scenes of Our Heroes falling out of the TARDIS (which was almost as tricky as putting the entire set on an angle...), and explained that the web had been made out of strands of Airfix glue sprinkled with talcum powder to make it show up! Everyone praised the Web of Fear sets, and someone (possibly Frazer Hines?) pointed out that the tube stations were all the same set with different signs up, which seems obvious now it's pointed out but hadn't really occurred to me as I was watching - they did a great job of selling all the stations as different locations.

Frazer Hines claimed that the first he'd heard of the return of these stories was when Deborah Watling phoned to say she'd see him at the screening! She said that she'd forgotten that her father was in Web of Fear until she actually saw him on screen. ("I grabbed Frazer and said 'That's my father!'. 'I know,' he said.") They all talked about how much they'd liked Jack Watling, and how much fun they all had making Doctor Who. ♥

Someone asked the panel which other missing stories they'd like to see back. Deborah Watling wants Fury From The Deep, because Victoria got to defeat the monster! Frazer Hines wants The Highlanders, and Michael Troughton thought that it would be good to see his father's performance in one of his earlier stories, like that one. He also talked about how dedicated his father had been to the idea of Doctor Who as being for children, and reminisced about visiting the Web of Fear set for an episode.

There was a lot of other stuff that I have forgotten, because my memory is a sieve. /o\ Oh, though someone (Hadoke?) did say that they'd intended to have lots more stuff with Salamander and the Doctor interacting in Enemy of the World, but hadn't been able to get the studio time. WOE.
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Slightly belated December posting meme! [personal profile] ghost2 asked for "Big Finish. Anything would be great, but maybe your thoughts about a story you would like BF to make? Or a character you think should return. Or an underrated audio more people should listen to."

♥ Big Finish ♥ I love them a lot; I love that they've turned their fannishness into a full on respected professional company. The whole reason we have Big Finish is because some people really loved Doctor Who and wanted to tell more stories about it and this makes me so happy. They currently have main range audios #51-#75 on special offer, so let's start with some recs from there, since I have listened to all except one of them.

1) The Council of Nicaea (Five, Peri, Erimem) Thoughtful yet intense, with beautiful characterisation for the three leads.

2) Caerdroia (Eight, Charley, C'rizz) Absolutely hilarious, with lots of great character stuff for Eight. One of my favourites!

3) The Harvest (Seven, Ace, Hex) I like this story a lot, mostly because it's a great introduction for Hex (HEEEEEXXXXXX).

(The Natural History of Fear is also great, but I can't explain why without spoiling it, and also it's probably better if you listen to it in order.)

A story I would like Big Finish to make: more historicals! They've produced some wonderful ones and I would love to hear more, especially from corners of history that I don't know much about. Or a story set in the TARDIS, since they don't have to worry about building sets. In general I'd also like them to do more stories with queer characters, because they are a bit terrible at that. :(

A character I think should return: ALL OF THE COMPANIONS. ...actually, yes, that's basically it, I love all of BF's new companions a lot and I'm sad that a lot of them aren't appearing much any more. Erimem, Evelyn, Hex... I'm looking forward to more Molly in the new Dark Eyes boxsets, as she's easily my favourite Eighth Doctor audio companion. And speaking of Eight, I would love to see more adventures with him and Mary Shelley, and with Benny, and with his book and comics companions, especially Anji. For the non-companion characters, I'll go with Emily Chaudhry, from the UNIT audios (which are my pick for underrated stories more people should listen to, incidentally). She had a lot of potential and it would be wonderful to see her again, either during the time when she traveled with Six, or later, as the new leader of UNIT. ( I think of it, why hasn't there been a Bambera and Ancelyn spin off yet? GET ON IT, BIG FINISH. (Rights and actors permitting, of course.))
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More December talking meme! [personal profile] such_heights asked "Where would you like to go in the TARDIS, and which Doctor/companions would you like to go with?"

My first instinct was to say I'd want to go with Eight, but then I remembered that there's a distinct possibility he'd get amnesia and forget about me, so that was out. And then I thought I'd say Two, but since he can't control where the TARDIS goes, picking a destination and then getting home again could be tricky. So I think I'll choose Eleven, because I love him just as much as the other two, and he is both less prone to amnesia and reasonably good at getting the TARDIS to go where he wants when it really matters. ♥ Which companions to go with was also a difficult choice, as I love them all very much, but in the end I decided to pick those of my favourites most likely to ensure that we'd all survive the adventure. So that's Bernice Summerfield, for her experience; Anji Kapoor, possibly the most sensible person ever to travel in the TARDIS; and Martha Jones, who could patch us all up if worst came to worst. Also, I think they'd all really get on with each other (dear internet, please write that fic) and would be ridiculously fun to hang out with.

As for where I'd go... that's easy. SPAAAACE. I want to touch the alien sands and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky. YES. I want all that wonder. A space station or ship would also be acceptable, it's the space bit that's key.
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Title: Into the Blue
Edited by: [personal profile] shinyjenni
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: All TV Doctors and companions, various secondary characters, Shalka!Nine and Alison, Bernice Summerfield (thanks Big Finish!), plus cameos from Izzy, Destrii and Fey, on behalf of all the non-tv companions
Music: Cerys Matthews
Content notes: one bright white flash
Summary: It's all about love.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] carawj, [personal profile] cosmic_llin, [personal profile] purplefringe, [personal profile] silly_cleo and [personal profile] such_heights, all of whom saw early drafts of this and said helpful and encouraging things. (I think it's appropriate that this vid in particular was made with the support of so many of the wonderful people I have met through this fandom. ♥)
Spoilers: EVERYTHING. (Er, there aren't any really, but I've used clips from everything up to "The Bells of Saint John".)
Download: vid (3:24 minutes, 51MB) | subtitle .srt
Also available from: Youtube | AO3 | Tumblr

streaming and lyrics under the cut )
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I keep meaning to post about things. Here are some of the things I have been meaning to post about:

- The Aims Vid Album project! Vidding (almost) all the songs on Vienna Teng's amazing new album. (I may OR MAY NOT be making a vid for this. *dons hat of mystery, flees into the night*)

- I have embarked on a mini Doctor Who Squee Restoration project! (After having disliked Night of the Doctor...) So far it has been TREMENDOUSLY SUCCESSFUL and has comprised:

1) Going to a talk last Friday at the shiny new J3 Library about writing Doctor Who spin-off stuff. It was a very convivial evening, featuring Cavan Scott, Nick Walters and David Llewellyn, and covering lots of topics, including how they all got started, the different constraints of writing spin-off fiction versus other types of fiction, where Doctor Who falls on the SF-fantasy continuum ("IT IS NOT FANTASY", said Nick Walters) and so on. There were lots of women in the audience, which was excellent; I think the questions were exclusively from women, including one from a little girl in a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, who is clearly growing up to be a woman of taste and discernment. Also there was a Dalek. (The Dalek did not ask any questions.)

2) Listening to Seasons of Fear, one of my favourite audios, and the first one where I really got why Charley is so popular. (I've never DISliked her, but she often doesn't quite click for me.) spoilers )

3) Watching Battlefield. I LOVE BATTLEFIELD SO MUCH. I mean, it's not PERFECT, but it's really close, and it's really trying. ♥ ♥ ♥ My reactions to it are mostly just of the order of ACE SEVEN ANCELYN/BAMBERA SHOU YUING BRIG I LOVE EVERYTHING, and also quoting bits of dialogue all over twitter, but I do have a few more coherent things I liked: not really spoilers )

4) Reading Shada, which was a joy, but I shall save talking about it for my next monthly books and comics post instead, because I like it when things are in the right place.

5) Watching The Science of Doctor Who. Sadly I wasn't really in the mood to appreciate the science, but I loved the linking scenes with Eleventy and Brian Cox, in which Matt Smith continues to have chemistry with everyone. ♥ (Which I think is one of the things I like about him: not the shippiness per se, just the general sense that he genuinely cares about and connects with people. He's never met anyone who isn't important, after all.) I was a little annoyed that all the Celebrity Volunteers were male, though the Doctor specifying that it was a little GIRL in the audience who was going to change the world made up for it somewhat.

6) Listening to Fanfare for the Common Men, since it was on the radio, which didn't knock my socks off or anything but was still pretty enjoyable. ♥

...even by my standards that's quite a bit of Who in a fairly short time. And I have packed the next EDA off my EDA pile to read at and on the way home from the Doctor Who Celebration on Friday. :D (It's The Sleep of Reason; I know nothing about it going in, which is rare.)
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Midwinterblood - Marcus Sedgwick
*JLA: Year One
*Earthward: Book One
Doctor Who: The Tomorrow Windows - Jonathan Morris
Servant of the Empire - Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
Young Allies
*Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction ed. Erin Underwood and Hannah Strom-Martin
*A Most Improper Magick - Stephanie Burgis
*Doctor Who: A History of the Universe in 100 Objects - James Goss and Steve Tribe
*Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals
Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Gods
*Time and Relative Dissertations in Space ed. David Butler
*Batwing: In the Shadow of the Ancients
Wonder Woman: Beauty and the Beasts

Didn't finish: Always Coming Home - Ursula Le Guin. Giving up on this one was something of a wrench: I really did respect what it was trying to do, (re)creating a future post-crash society through anthropological studies. Plus it's URSULA LE GUIN, it's supposed to be a classic (I think), and also I'd already sunk a week's worth of reading time into it before I hit breaking point. But I wasn't really enjoying reading it - the form made me feel so disconnected from the content - and all the gender, sex and sexuality stuff was so disappointingly normative, and then I hit the Moon Dance section which was SO SKEEVY wrt sex and gender and I just couldn't any more. (I still have it out from the library, if anyone feels like convincing me it's worth finishing.)

feelings about the stuff marked with asterisks )

I am slightly surprised that I have nothing to say about all the Wonder Woman I've read, but reaction-wise I think I am still stuck on DIANAAAAAAAA. :D
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X-Men #6: Grumble grumble crossover grumble grumble who are all these people grumble grumble. Er, I did enjoy this issue, but I was also confused and grumpy a lot. Sigh.

Young Avengers #11: I love this comic so much, though I usually don't have much to say about it. This issue I just wanted to say that spoilers )

Fearless Defenders #10: am sad about this being cancelled. My love for it never quite recovered after #6, and it was never AMAZINGLY GOOD or anything, but it's been a lot of fun, and I can't help but feel that a less female-centric team book of a similar quality would have sold a lot better. :/ Anyway, re. this issue in particular: spoilers )

People who know things about comics: when should I ask Forbidden Planet to add She-Hulk and Black Widow to my subscriptions? They look cool, and I want to support female-led comics, so. (Though would it have killed Marvel to put some female creators on them? I mean, obv Phil Noto is PERFECT for Black Widow, but couldn't we have had Marjorie Liu back as the writer? I wouldn't want comics to get stuck in the trap of "only women can write women! (so men needn't bother trying)" or "women can ONLY write woman-books", but still. (Credit where credit's due, even with Katana's cancellation, DC is doing rather better on this front.)) I'm holding fire on Elektra for the moment because I want to see what it's like first, and also what her redesigned costume looks like: her current one just throws me out of the story ALL THE TIME. See also: why I only read issue 1 of Red Sonja, despite really liking it (and her). Outfits like that just mean I use up most of my processing power just wondering how they stay on, and thinking about how uncomfortable they must be. :/

(In other news, apparently I'm nearly at my broadband usage limit for this month (! this has never happened before!), so may be around less than usual until November... And oh look, Big Finish has released The Light At The End a month early AND I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT THIS IS A DISASTER.)

(It is not really a disaster. But it is a bit annoying. ETA, ooh, they're sending out the CDs early too! Panic over.)

(And yes, I absolutely shelled out for the fancy boxset with all the extras, because I am weak for a) extras and b) any kind of Doctor Who related nonsense.)

(I am ok with this facet of my personality.)
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First of all, thank you for making me a vid! I am sure I will love it. ♥ I've written a few things under the cuts below about what I like in vids, and about the fandoms I've requested (in some cases slightly expanded from my optional details), but feel free to ignore it all and just vid the vid you are happiest with! Basically more vids in any of these fandoms will make me happy.

vids in general )

requested fandoms: Babylon 5, Doctor Who (1996), Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Press Gang, The Sapphires (2012), Swallows and Amazons (1974), Ultraviolet (TV), Wonder Woman (2009) )

I think that's all the things I wanted to/ought to say (though I might come back and try and say some more things about what I like about my fandoms, as on reading it back I don't appear to have said much that's particularly helpful, whoops). YAY FESTIVIDS!
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- On Saturday evening I went to [personal profile] carawj and [personal profile] cosmic_llin's wedding! It was so lovely and I am so happy for them. ♥ (Also, I think [personal profile] purplefringe and I may have set some kind of record for the number of times "Kroll" has been said at a wedding, but sadly no-one from Guinness was around to record our endeavours.)

- Saturday was conveniently also the day that Sophie Aldred was doing a signing at Orbital Comics, which is having a exhibition featuring newly rediscovered photos of her, so I went along to that as well. She was so nice! She was very enthusiastic about having conversations with everyone who was there; I didn't really talk to her that much but that is because I am ridiculously shy and consider the fact that I said any words to her at all something of an achievement. ;) The exhibition itself is tiny, but rather delightful: I wouldn't recommend making a special journey to see it, but if you're in central London anyway and like Ace, it's definitely worth popping in. Also I met [personal profile] paranoidangel and [personal profile] agapi42 while I was there, which was excellent.

- On the way home I caught up with [ profile] veritypodcast, which reignited my Scream of the Shalka love (I may have to buy the DVD...), and on the way there I listened to the latest Welcome to Night Vale episode (DANA!), and I don't really have a way to end this sentence. They are both great podcasts and you should all listen to them! ESPECIALLY Verity!, which makes me so happy. ♥
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I really need to stop reading speculation about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, it's only making me grumpy, and there will be time enough to be grumpy later on if any of it turns out to be true.

In other Doctor Who anniversary shenanigans, I watched Dimensions in Time on Saturday night and I actually kind of loved it! (It helped that it wasn't nearly as long as I thought it was going to be.) Thirteen companions in as many minutes! Basically that is all it takes to keep me happy. ♥ (OK, some of them weren't that well written, but by the time I'd got over the YAY of seeing them, there wasn't time for me to be annoyed about that before we'd moved onto something else.)

In even more Doctor Who anniversaryness, I have a ticket for the Friday of the Doctor Who Celebration! Is anyone else going that day? (Process basically went "that looks fun. I'll see if anyone else is going. Other people are going! I want to go too! ALL THE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT WHAT IS THIS I MUST HAVE ONE. *refreshrefreshrefresh* YES A WILD FRIDAY TICKET APPEARS!") And then I went out at lunchtime and accidentally bought a dress that might work for a Clara cosplay. The neckline is all wrong (and, er, possibly indecent, since although it said size 8 on the hanger, it turned out to be size 16), but that would mean I could wear the amazing Dalek necklace that [ profile] the_smut_fairy made for me. Hurray!

On a completely different note, I've been watching She-Ra (thanks to [personal profile] silly_cleo kindly lending me her DVDs ♥)! I've not seen much of it yet (partly because I fell into Orphan Black, which is really awesome and you should watch it if you haven't already) but I love it a lot. One thing I especially like, aside from the obvious things like all the superpowered women and the way her horse turns into a RAINBOW UNICORN, is that her transformation slogan is "by the honour of Greyskull". I feel like women don't often get to fight for honour in fantasy: their bodies are often the battlegrounds, and their violation, destruction or seduction becomes the symbol of an offense to their associated man's honour, but they rarely get to be active defenders of their own or their family's honour. It may, of course, just be that I haven't read enough fantasy...

And I am still not over seeing He-Man's transformation sequence. O.o
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- Birmingham Moor Street is an unusual beautiful train station. I discovered this on the way to [ profile] twinkygem's birthday ceilidh on Saturday, which was awesome. My legs and arms hurt but it was absolutely worth it, and I feel like the best solution to the pain is to go to MORE ceilidhs and thereby get used to it. Who's with me?

- Caught up with [ profile] veritypodcast on the way home! I love that podcast so much, and small spoiler for The Name of the Doctor ) In fact, more spoilery )

- Here is an interesting post about Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye, who is great. I've decided to go back to trade-waiting with Hawkeye, but I love Young Avengers more each issue, and Kate is one of the reasons why.

- Also on comics, I feel like I never say anything about Li'l Gotham other than IT IS A DELIGHT but that is because it is. Yesterday's issue made me laugh and laugh and also had LOTS OF ORACLE YES GOOD. ♥ (I also love that Nightwing wears an apron which has "Hot Wing" written on it, and also a red stripe in exactly the same place as the one on his New 52 costume, ahahaha.)


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