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Handed my dissertation in yesterday! Calloo, callay, etc. I considered doing something to celebrate, but then remembered that I'm going up to London to see Lashings of Ginger Beer Time on Saturday, then possibly seeing King Lear the weekend after (if I get round to organising it, and it's not sold out), then going to Barcelona to see The Sister (WARMTH. SUNSHINE. BRING IT TO ME.), and then it's Vidukon, so... I think I'm sorted, celebration-wise.

Instead I watched a FILM. (This is rare.) It was The Sapphires, about an Aboriginal Australian girl group in the sixties, and I liked it a lot. It had a lot of stuff about race that I am SPECTACULARLY ill-placed to comment on, being a white Englishwoman, and mostly I think it handled it well: ok, let's cut for spoilers here ) Basically, if you're looking for a feel good film about women which also has something to say about race, I think you could do a lot worse than try The Sapphires.
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- Doctor Who: I really loved "The Rings of Akhaten", but I am not posting about it because for some reason it affected me to the point where I can't read criticism of it without getting sad, even if the rational part of my brain is going "that's actually a good point", so. Instead I shall just go and poke ebay for Clara cosplay type stuff instead.

- Smallville #41 (Valkyrie #1): squee ) (In other comics news: new issues of Saga, Hawkeye AND Fearless Defenders on Wednesday? COMICS BONANZA. \o/)

- Registrations for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff (both attending and supporting) close this weekend! If you're on the fence about whether to go or not, I really recommend it, it's a fun con.

- I have reached the point in my somewhat delayed Babylon 5 rewatch where I'm not sure which episodes I've seen before and which episodes I just know a lot about (early season two). IT IS CONFUSING. Mostly my feelings on it are IVANOVA I LOVE YOU; it's nice to know I haven't changed that much since I was 15.

- Dissertation is SO CLOSE to being finished. I wrote a draft of the abstract at the weekend. By "wrote it at the weekend" I mean I procrastinated until 8.15 on Sunday evening and then knocked it up in about twenty minutes. OH SELF. My flat is fairly clean now though, I even did that thing where you attach a duster to the end of the broom and de-cobweb the ceilings. So that's something.
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- In dissertation news: sent the first draft of my findings chapter to my supervisor. GULP. I'm slightly behind where my plan says I should be, but said plan was deliberately a bit overambitious so I wouldn't panic when I fell behind, so I'm only panicking a little bit. Just a tiny little bit.

- My laptop is slowly dying. (Back up ALL the things!) Does anyone have any advice for speeding up an old laptop? I already have CCleaner and my defragmenter runs regularly. (Could I reformat the hard drive? Would that help?) Failing that, does anyone have any advice for choosing a new laptop? I want it for internets, word processing, image editing, watching TV and vidding, but I have no idea how powerful is the right amount of powerful for all that. I'm planning to get another Dell, as I've had my current one since May 2008 without any major problems, and that's as good a way as any to narrow down my choice. Also, student discount.

- From the department of potentially awesome things, here is the kickstarter for Nine Worlds Geekfest, pan fandom London con like all those massive ones they have in the US, hoping to run this August. I haven't backed it yet, but I'm definitely thinking about it.
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I think I am winning? I wanted to get it mostly finished before I go on holiday (tomorrow! straight from work to the station! then a five hour train journey, oh dear), and I think I might have done? Though either it is The Worst Literature Review Ever, I don't know what I am doing, my brain is just WIRED WRONG for this sort of thing... or the Impostor Syndrome Hamsters have been nibbling on my brain again. I hope it is the latter.

Unrelatedly, I can't stop staring at this Mars panorama and going "that's another planet! ANOTHER PLANET! ♥_♥"
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1) Last night I read this post about DCU heroines who deserve their own films, and now I want to move to the alternate universe where there's a Birds of Prey film that was done in the same way as the Avengers was in this universe. IT WOULD BE SO GREAT. There'd be individual films for the Birds, starting with Black Canary, and Oracle would have the Nick Fury cameo role... why can't we have this? Why? Not to mention the "Batgirl and Spoiler" idea, YES PLEASE. I've just ordered the two volumes of Batgirl that Spoiler appears in (due to some bitterness over Cass being described as "one of several former (and temporary) Batgirls", TEMPORARY BATGIRL MY FOOT), and I am ridiculously excited about them.

2) Speaking of comics-related things I am overexcited about, a spoiler for the Smallville comics, which probably doesn't need to be cut as it's all over the place, but just to be on the safe side )

3) In between flailing about comics, I have been writing the research proposal for my dissertation (due in today). D: IT IS THE WORST. (It is probably not the worst.)
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1. Argh, assignments. I have two to do, both 3000 words, both due on the 29th March. D: I ended up going to see The Parents at the weekend, which was possibly not the best idea in terms of amount of work done (though I did do a fair bit), but was definitely a good idea in terms of making me less stressed and flaily. Also, as a result I have accidentally started a Discworld reread, since the shelf they sit on is in exactly the right place for me to lie in bed looking at it and going "those books! So great! I should reread!". (Most of my books live at my parents house, because there are A LOT of them. A library of my own is a distant beautiful dream. This is also one reason why I am always keen to lend people books (aside from the obvious wanting to share the joy type ones): it makes room on the shelves for MORE BOOKS.)

2. In other reading-related news, I am thoroughly enjoying the Vorkosigan saga, as those of you who are following me on twitter may possibly have gathered. I was absolutely wolfing them down, but now I have reached A Civil Campaign I have slowed down to savour each chapter properly, and also so I can turn as many mental cartwheels of delight as I need to. ♥

3. Cybill turns out to be even better than I remember it being. ♥ The Jonathan Frakes episode was a thing of beauty. Also, I am amused to discover that when I was growing up, my mental model for "what teenage girls are like" was basically Zoe. :D

Those are all the things I have to say today. Now, back to A Civil Campaign!
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Had an exam yesterday, it was rubbish. Well, it was alright. No, it was rubbish. Either way, it's over now and I can relax a bit, apart from the fact that lectures start again on Wednesday and I have stuff to read for them, and the going to work every day thing, and also my flat's a tip because I've been ignoring things that aren't revision... ANYWAY, I do have a bit more time now to do important things like watch TV. And last night I had time to finish looking at all the fantastic things in my [ profile] fandom_stocking! ♥ ♥ ♥ I didn't manage to make/write as much stuff as I wanted to for other people, sadly: combination of revision and terrible time management, sorry! I did make some podfics, though, which was a lot of fun (apart from the probably-inevitable moment of "is that really what my voice sounds like? ...oh dear."). Here they are:

Not Only The Rivers Dream
Author: [personal profile] glinda
Reader: [personal profile] shinyjenni
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Ace/Kaara
Summary: She carries part of that world with her where-ever she travels, the one who made her part of that world, held safe in her dreams.
Original story | Podfic (3MB, 3:13)

If Love Is A Red Bus
Author: [personal profile] glinda
Reader: [personal profile] shinyjenni
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Iris Wildthyme/Sam, Eight/Fitz
Summary: It's draftier than she's used to and the hot water is, if anything, less reliable than in the Doctor's ship.
Original story | Podfic (2.8MB, 3:06)
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- It is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. By which I mean it is [ profile] fandom_stocking time! My stocking is here; let me know where yours are! ♥

- Haven't been posting very much recently; this is because I have an assignment due in next Wednesday and my response to stress is basically "hide in a corner; bite anyone who tries to talk to me". Which is not ideal, especially as I have to go to work every day, an arena where biting is generally discouraged.

- My local library was closed for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. It was terrible. But now it is open again and they had books for me! As a result I finished 52: Volume 3 last night, which I liked more than the previous volumes because it had a) lots more Batfamily-action and b) Christmas. Also it almost made me cry a couple of times.

- Also on a comics note, I have been watching Justice League (on [ profile] everlasting_day's recommendation), which I love a lot. It made me like Batman by the simple expedient of having him be hilariously grumpy and sarcastic basically all the time, and it has Wonder Woman who I already loved (I just watched an episode which was all about her getting a girlfriend. Possibly that is not what it was supposed to be about. Nevermind. IT WAS GREAT), yay. And I adore The Flash, and am growing v. fond of Hawkgirl, especially in her scenes with Green Lantern. And J'onn J'onzz is voiced by Carl Lumbly! DIXON! ♥

- Have I linked to DC girls in sweaters yet? I don't think I have, which is clearly an error on my part. The Batwoman one has just gone up and it is SO PRETTY.

- Apparently if you hit return after typing a tag you can end up accidentally posting an entry before you meant to. This is a thing that I did not know until about ten minutes ago. Whoops!
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I have changed ALL MY OPINIONS about Downton Abbey. (Disclaimer: this may be an exaggeration. Verging on a lie.)

spoilers! Mostly about shipping. )

In other news, term has just started and I am at that stage where I feel like I should be reading ALL the things but I'm not sure yet which things would be best to read. I don't want to leave everything til later in the term but I also don't want to race too far ahead of the lectures or anything. And I have NO IDEA what to write my dissertation on. Well, OK, I do have some ideas, but they are NEBULOUS and RUBBISH.
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- The Time of Maximum Study happened (i.e. I had two deadlines a week apart) and I vanished for a bit, due to not having the mental wherewithal to post things that aren't newsletters or tweets. I have been reading, but commenting even less than usual (see above re. mental wherewithal), sorry! But I've just handed the second thing in, so may be around a bit more now, possibly.

- New Gallifrey is out and between work and studying and keeping up with stuff that is on the actual telly and that lovefilm has sent me, I have not had time to listen to it yet. D: The CDs are sitting on my dressing... shelf looking all tempting and stuff. SOON, PROBABLY. Hopefully before [ profile] vidukon. (VIDUKON! :D)

- In other Doctor Who audio related news, I really liked "The Feast of Axos": spoilers ) Speaking of Colin Baker, he and Nicola Bryant are now on twitter! I just want to draw hearts round all their tweets, all the time.

- I have decided to watch All Of Voyager From The Beginning. cut because I now proceed to go on at some length. Mild spoilers up to Time and Again, maybe? )

- Also am rewatching Doctor Who season 5. "Victory of the Daleks" is a lot better than I remember! "Cold Blood" is a lot worse. Apparently all the things I liked about that two parter were in part one. And I cannot be having with the new Silurians. DISAPPROVE. Oh well, the next four episodes are all smashing.

- Apparently not posting for two weeks = lots of pent up words waiting to escape, most of them about Voyager. Now I have used up all the words and am going to go and lie down in a darkened room with a damp cloth over my eyes. Metaphorically speaking.
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  • Watched Primeval, which I am watching this season, except that I missed last week's episode, whoops. Anyway. I never quite love Primeval as much as I want to, but it often has lots of awesome bits that make me v. happy, as, for instance, this week: dinospoilers )

  • Boggled at how a Guardian columnist managed to take "two men make sexist comments" and explain how it was really all the fault of THE WIMMENZ. The argument, so far as I could gather, went something like: women have been infecting society with their dreadful need for CONVERSATION, which leads to the terrible scourge of BANTER, which leads INEVITABLY to people getting caught saying sexist things. (I exaggerate a little.) Also I am very very tired of the "women don't understand the offside rule!" meme. It is not some magical thing that all men are born knowing and all women can never possibly comprehend. In fact the list of people who know it includes me, a woman who cares nothing for the football at all.

  • Failed to remember that I cannot make curry that actually tastes of anything, no matter what recipe I follow. :( And I have leftovers of it to eat tonight. Boo.

  • Felt as if my weekend was a bit of a busman's holiday at times, since I spent an awful lot of it reading about libraries. It was pretty interesting, though!

  • Watched some more festivids! Still not all the way through, but here is another handful of recs:
    - The Owl Moans Low (Lost In Austen)
    - After All (SJA)
    - Who Needs Enemies (DS9)
    - Resistance (TNG)
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1) Happy birthdays to [ profile] elyssadc and [ profile] persiflage_1!

2) Have finished first piece of coursework, exciting. Though by "finished" I mean "have got the IT IS TERRIBLE BUT I DO NOT CARE ANY MORE stage". Er, it is probably not terrible. Most of the spelling is more or less right. My attitude to grammar and punctuation is a little more intuitive than technical ("I feel in my HEART that a semicolon is required") but this seems to have served me well so far in my life.

3) Downton Abbey finished last night. I am not entirely sure what I thought of it; I did enjoy it a lot, but some of the editing was a bit odd (a lot of scenes finished rather abruptly) and I didn't think it did a very good job of showing time passing - I was rather surprised to find that two years had passed, it felt more like two months. I have other opinions but they are spoilery, hence a cut. here is the cut )
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Have had two weeks of lectures so far! Am enjoying them, though have not quite settled in yet. We are expected to do a lot of extra reading, but I am not quite sure what to read (it is not like English where it just goes: "read book/play/poem, read books/journals about said book/play/poem, go hmmm for a bit, move on with your life), so there is a fair bit of reading ejournals at random and going AAAAARGHHHH. But I got some books out of the library last night, which is a very reassuring thing to do, I find. One of this term's two modules is a management one and my coursework is to write a report; I have no idea what to write it on AAAAARGHHHH. Well, that is not quite true, I have ideas, but they are vague and amorphous (and possibly unworkable), so I need to catch one and pin it down. WITH PINS.


I am THISCLOSE to finishing a fic (which I have been thisclose to finishing for about a year, I must admit), so this seems like as good a time as any to mention again that I have a beta filter where I post nearly-done fics in the hope that anyone who is passing by and in the mood for some betaing will have a look at them and point out all my terrible errors. If anyone would like to be added to it, just give me a shout - I would be very grateful! It is not what you might call a heavy traffic filter, as you can tell by the fact that this is the first fic I have even come close to posting to it all year. (Yes, I completely flaked out on my tardis_bingo fic. And I still owe people stuff from [ profile] fandom_stocking. OH SELF.)


Dear people who walk two abreast along narrowish pavements: if someone (ie me) is walking towards you, you might want to think about activating single file mode, since the other person cannot in fact get any smaller. Hope this is helpful! Love [personal profile] shinyjenni
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1) Happy birthday, [ profile] hhertzof! ♥

2) Had an induction morning at UWE today and am SHATTERED despite it not being that busy; just an introductary talk, registration and a bit of mingling. This does not bode that well for the actual start of term, does it?

3) 30 days of Who: Day 03 – Your Favourite New Series Episode )

all the days )


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