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Equinox went live yesterday and I got two AMAZING Star Trek Beyond vids:

- We Are Who We Are, a fantastic ensemble vid full of energy and fun and warmth.

- Alive, a really moving Jaylah character study.

I love them both SO MUCH. :D
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Festivids is live! :D And I received the most amazing Supergirl vid about the Danvers sisters, Saved The World Today. It's SO GOOD and also I cried a lot whilst watching it. SISTERS. ♥

Herein find a selection of recs for some of the other vids that I liked:

thirteen vid recs under the cut )

For those who like guessing, I made two vids this year! I think they are both deeply obvious, but then I know which ones they are.
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- I went to Nine Worlds! Like a month ago. What even is time. Anyway, it was great, highlights this year included... well, basically the entire Star Trek track, but especially pictionary and the worldbuilding panel. :D On Thursday night [personal profile] such_heights and I ran a Star Trek vidshow: here is the playlist, as well as the playlist for [personal profile] such_heights's excellent Friday night vidshow. On Friday I cosplayed Regency Wonder Woman (based on this fanart); on Saturday I cosplayed Fairytale Stephanie Brown, from the last issue of her Batgirl run (Timehop helpfully informed me that exactly a year earlier I'd also been cosplaying Steph); and on Sunday I was Deanna Troi, not Trio as autocorrect would have it, in a knitted Starfleet uniform. (I did not do the hair, as my hair will not do that. My hair has Firm Opinions on what it will and will not do.)

- Fic rec! [personal profile] happydork wrote basically the perfect Wanda Maximoff fic, Pour Back The Ocean. It is wonderful. ♥

- Question for people who know how to vid games: if I wanted to capture a little bit of footage from a game I'm playing on my PC, what's the easiest way to do that? It's for a multifandom vid, so I only need a few seconds. (I know I could probably find a playthrough on youtube, but this is the first game I've played on my own as a grownup, so I am quite keen to capture some of my own authentically inept gameplay if possible.)
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aka VidUKon recs post. SO MANY GOOD VIDS. :D

premiering vids )

older vids ) probably like a million other vids, but these are the ones that I loved enough that I remembered about them without even opening the con programme, and this post is on the long side already, so I should probably stop here for now. ;) But I definitely recommend checking out the other vids shown: oodles of great things there! (I'd especially rec watching the Brief History of the World show in order if you get a chance...)

(Also: behind on answering comments, behind on leaving comments, sorry, will get there eventually, probably! ♥)
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Happy Festivids, everyone! I got five (!!!!!!) wonderful vids: three awesome Cosmo/Don/Kathy Singin' in the Rain vids (:DDDD), Get Lucky, The Modern Approach and Singing Hallelujah; a lovely Wendy/Lacey vid for The Middleman, Afterlife; and a gorgeous Swallows and Amazons vid, Perfect Day. Thank you, mysterious, generous and talented vidders! ♥

I only made one vid this year, but if you can guess which one, I will attempt to make you a vid(let)! Comments are screened, guess as many things as you like. :D

And now to go and watch MORE VIDS. And possibly make some food.
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I have a lot of posts I want to/should make, but instead here is a list of some of the vids I loved in 2014. (Not including any festivids, as I already recced some of those at the time.)

I fell pretty hard for Steve/Sam, and loved [personal profile] china_shop's crisp, cool Holding out for a(nother) hero, as well as [personal profile] purplefringe's Don't Stop Believing, which gets better every time I watch it. I also loved [personal profile] such_heights's Phase Two vid, Counting Stars.

[personal profile] such_heights's Level Up is a wonderful ensemble vid that gave me MANY FEELINGS.

Doctor Who
aka vids made by [personal profile] purplefringe, with special appearance by [personal profile] such_heights. ;) Never Look Away is a gorgeous, multi-layered Eleven and Clara vid; Short Skirt / Long Jacket is a PERFECT Romana I vid; Blank Space, co-vidded with [personal profile] such_heights, is a thing of pure glory and wonder.

Orphan Black
[personal profile] frayadjacent's What's Mine Is Yours is AMAZING.

Star Trek
You've all seen [personal profile] cosmic_llin's PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL Long Live, right? Good. I also loved her Janeway and Tuvok vid, King and Lionheart. ♥ [personal profile] raven also made two wonderful Star Trek vids this year, the beautiful we came to learn the sea and the haunting Disappear.

[personal profile] frayadjacent's Everywhere is actually from last year, but I only saw it this year, so it totally counts. Anyway, it makes my heart swell with feelings, and I really love the motion and movement in the bridge.

Wonder Woman
Watershed, by [personal profile] chaila, really captures the power, serenity and sheer epicness I associate with Diana. ♥

I love OT3s and I love Leverage and I love love love [personal profile] thingswithwings's Parachute. THEIR GLORIOUS FACES. MY FEELINGS. HELP.

The Hunger Games
[personal profile] cosmic_llin's Effie vid, In the 99, is really wonderful.
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It's SDCC this weekend! Marvel will be announcing some more films! What if they are all about white dudes again! I will probably cry! (I am actually going to be at home this weekend, which is out of character for me at the moment. I was going to say "I'm not busy" but given it's two weeks til Nine Worlds and my costumes are NOT DONE, that would be a lie. Also, I have unexpectedly been swallowed by a vid idea. HELP.)

Some recs:

- Master's Thesis by [ profile] auronlu: a really good, plotty Fifth Doctor story, featuring Tegan, Turlough, and older Nyssa as per Big Finish canon. I knew I was going to like it when Nyssa casually told Tegan, "Oh, by the way, other genders are more visible here than on Earth or Traken. The TARDIS should translate, but you may hear a few unfamiliar pronouns", and it's also just really well plotted and characterised. Long, but totally worth it.

- Things by [personal profile] raven. Star Trek daemon AU, perfect perfect perfect. It is basically a fundamental truth of the universe that fanworks by [personal profile] raven + Star Trek = feelings everywhere.

- Watershed, a Wonder Woman vid by [personal profile] chaila. THIS VID. So powerful and moving. DIANA.

Some things I am cranky about:

- I don't understand why the new Batgirl costume is getting so much praise. I mean, it's totally fine as a costume, but it's both less practical and less professional than what Babs was wearing before. D: It would be great for Misfit, or fine for Steph or Harper if we hadn't already seen their future costumes in Batman #28, and I'd totally take it as Cass's new costume if it meant we could just get her BACK, but for Babs? She's not a teenager, she's an experienced vigilante in her own right. Why would she swap Kevlar for a leather jacket? It might fit with the tone of the book, but it doesn't fit with Babs herself, and it'll make her look like a rookie when she's lined up next to the rest of the Batfam. DISAPPROVE.

- Search engines that try and second guess what you're searching for are THE WORST. Also frustrating: the way Chrome prioritises things it thinks you might be searching for over web pages you've already visited when you start typing in the address bar. STOP THAT.

- I've been pretty disappointed in The Mary Sue post-Geekosystem merger. So much content now, but so much of it so shallow and thoughtless, and it really feels like their woman centric perspective has got a bit lost. There is still some good content on there (I enjoyed these two posts on princess tropes: part one and part two - nothing hugely new, but a nice clear analysis) but overall, bah. It was never perfect, but I feel like the things they did do well at have rather fallen by the wayside. D:
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(this post also here to remind me to rewatch and leave comments on these vids in particular after my broadband usage limit resets on Saturday...)

Postpone the Bad (Agents of SHIELD) Gorgeous Melinda May character study.

Do My Thing (Bend It Like Beckham) Really great Jess vid. ♥

Black Flower (Call the Midwife) Quietly powerful vid about faith, life and conviction.

221B And A Half (The Great Mouse Detective) I haven't seen the source, but this vid was unexpectedly moving and has such a lovely atmosphere. ♥

All Star (Lego Lord of the Rings) SO MUCH FUN. :DDDD


L.O.V.E. (Much Ado About Nothing (2012)) So charming and delightful! They have SUCH GOOD FACES.

King and Lionheart (Pacific Rim) Caused me to have so many feelings about a film I haven't even seen yet.

You Always Make Me Smile (SJA) Lovely and happy and sweet and also made me cry A LOT.

ABC (Sister Act movies) Full of infectious joy! I defy anyone to watch this and NOT have a giant grin on their face by the end. ♥

Wherever You Will Go (Wallace and Gromit) UNEXPECTED FEELINGS.
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FESTIVIDS! I got two AMAZING vids, both of which I thoroughly recommend. Carpe Diem is the Ultraviolet (the TV series!) vid I've been wanting for years: it was absolutely worth the wait, it's so intense and creepy and perfect. Breath of Life is a beautiful, mythic, epic Wonder Woman vid: it completely overwhelmed me when I saw it, to the point that I couldn't really process anything else for a while because SO MANY DIANA FEELINGS. Both vids are basically everything I could have ever wanted AND MORE, and I am VERY HAPPY. :D

Also, I made three festivids! I will (attempt to) make a vid(let) for anyone who correctly guesses one of them, if they so desire. ♥ (Screening comments on this post, will unscreen any without guesses in them...)

I am having a slight broadband usage allowance issue that is impeding my ability to Watch All The Vids, but I saw quite a lot of them at a festivids party yesterday so will try and post some recs soon!
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Here is the show summary and playlist for the space themed vidshow I put together for last weekend's VidUKon:

"Strange new worlds. Alien civilizations. Ships that are bigger on the inside (and more than a little bit sexy). Final frontiers all over the place. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space..."


Putting together this vidshow made me want a new spaceship/station-based TV show SO MUCH. Get on that, TV people!
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Have not been on the internets much recently: came down with a cold, and then went up to my parents' for Easter and did not take my laptop. Excitingly, whilst I was there, Chicks Unravel Time was nominated for a Hugo! Gosh. (The only other thing I have read in that category was Chicks Dig Comics, which I also really liked. Go Mad Norwegian Press!)

Also over the last week I...

- played the piano! I'd forgotten how much fun "I Dreamed A Dream" is to play, even though I am not as good at it as I used to be (I used to know the entire first page off by heart, so I could start on page two and not have to turn over). When I am grown up I shall have a piano, and also possibly lessons, because I am not that great at it.

- went to see Richard III at the Tobacco Factory, which was really excellent. I don't know the play at all, nor much about the history, so didn't really know what to expect, but it was great, and contained more black humour and good parts for women than I was expecting. I'm going to see the other half of the Shakespeare season, Two Gentlemen of Verona, in a few weeks and am now looking forward to it even more. (I also have a spare ticket to it that I'm trying to sell; give me a shout if you think you might want it!)

- watched the first six episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and became very enthusiastic about it. The first episode in particular was very good, and I like that they're bringing up themes of power, responsibility, and whether the ends justify the means without going all grimdark about it. Also Wasp is the MOST ADORABLE, my goodness, tiny and tough and competent and AMAZING. (Thor is definitely second in the adorableness stakes, as is right and proper.)

- read the third issue of Young Avengers, which I feel has really hit its stride: it had all the humour and pace and heart of the first two issues, but felt a lot more substantial than they did and therefore banished the tiny voice in the back of my mind that was going "I paid TWO POUNDS AND TEN PENCE for this". Good.

- watched "The Bells of Saint John": minor spoilers )

- caught up with [ profile] veritypodcast, which is A Good Thing and makes me feel very happy to be part of Doctor Who fandom. This week's episode was an excellent discussion of season 7a, which I had to pause briefly to watch two of [personal profile] such_heights's great season 7 vids, I am destroyer I am lover and Sunday (I would have watched Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and As Cold As It Gets too but they weren't on my ipod for some reason). I feel a lot more warmly towards "Asylum of the Daleks" than I did when it was first broadcast, because "I am destroyer I am lover" is so sharp and cool and interesting, and "Sunday" just fills me with many Pond-related feelings. ♥

Now I am away to catch up on DW/LJ/reply to things/generally make my life less of a disorganised mess than it currently is. I may be some time.
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I am doing a vidshow for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff / [ profile] vidukon! :D And am therefore looking for suggestions of vids to include. The theme is "space", so I'm looking for vids that are about or heavily feature space, spaceships, alien planets etc. All suggestions gratefully received, even the ones you think I probably already know about, because it's very likely that I don't! Plus, if you suggest things I already have on my list, I will feel validated, and that is always nice. ;D (Also, since I've never run a vidshow before, any general advice about that would be ace.) Thanks! ♥


Dec. 21st, 2012 11:16 am
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1) Have decamped to The Parents' house for Christmas! As a result, I may not be around that much over the next week or so, what with all the lounging around drinking tea and playing games I need to do. If there's anything you think I should see/comment on, give me a shout!

2) Vid rec! Can't Go Back Now (BTVS) by [personal profile] such_heights is a really lovely character study of Willow in seasons 1-4. ♥

3) It's really time I accepted that my resolution not to get embroiled in any ongoing comics has been broken: I've been buying Saga for a while (SO GOOD), and Li'l Gotham (SO ADORABLE), and I've just bought Hawkeye #6, which was ace, so I'll probably start getting that too. And if I'm getting that, I might as well investigate getting Captain Marvel too, right? Also, is anyone reading Amethyst Sword of Sorcery? It looks vaguely like the sort of thing I'd like, and I'm pro comics with female leads and writers, but on the other hand, it does mean giving DC money for a new 52 title, and I haven't seen anything that's made me go "MUST READ THIS NOW" yet. Hmm.
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- It is THE COLDEST in my flat. THE VERY COLDEST. I remember that in the past I have left the house in only a t-shirt and a wee skirt and sandals, but right now I don't really BELIEVE it.

- Here are some more [community profile] festivids recs! I typed all these up before reveals but didn't actually post them for some reason. Also, didn't manage to say things about them all. THEY ARE ALL GREAT.

recs! vids! )

- Also in my life at the moment I am watching Voyager, and possibly overidentifying with Seven of Nine. *points at subject line* Also, having all the feelings about Janeway, because she is the GREATEST. JANEWAY JANEWAY JANEWAY. I thought when I started typing this bit I would have some substantive things to say. Apparently not!
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- Approximate length of time between me installing my new wireless internet hub thing and it needing to be restarted for no readily apparent reason: twenty four hours. Approximate length of time between me installing my new wireless internet hub thing and me tripping over the cable, knocking it off the chest of drawers and breaking it, possibly irreparably: thirty six hours. In other words, there is an outside chance that I may not have any internets over the weekend, so if I am even rubbisher than usual about commenting/replying to comments... that is why.

- Caught up with Torchwood last night! Possibly it was because I was playing on the internet at the same time, but I wasn't entirely enthralled. mild spoilers )

- In comics news: Wonder Woman is going to have retractable trousers. (Also heels, ugh.) Just when I thought the whole trousers/no trousers question couldn't get any sillier...

- Alastair Reynolds is writing a new Third Doctor book, with Jo and the Master! There are many things about this news that make me happy: new Classic Who books! Alastair Reynolds writing one! JOOOO!

- Here are two vids I have enjoyed recently: Starlight, by [personal profile] calapine, a gorgeous Barbara vid, and I NEED A HERO, by [personal profile] beccatoria, a Wonder Woman vid that makes my heart THRILL WITH JOY. ♥
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- Vid rec: Alive by [personal profile] fly_to_dawn: awesome celebration of Primeval's Emily Merchant: time traveller, dinosaur fighter, all round amazing person. :D

- Speaking of vids, I am sort of after your help with my fictional female scientists one again, o lovely flist! As I mentioned last time, I was thinking about including Buffy disguising herself as a scientist, mostly because I love Buffy tremendously. And then I thought, well, Rose disguises herself as a scientist too: maybe if I can think of one or two more, it could be A Thing and not just Me Cheating. :D? The problem of course is that I can't think of any more. (I could've sworn that Sydney Bristow sneaked into somewhere dressed as a scientist, but I found this gallery of her aliases and it doesn't look like it.) Does anyone have any suggestions?

- Lately I have been reading a lot of comics! The medium still hasn't quite clicked for me, but I have been enjoying them all the same. Here is some incoherent squeeing some of the things I have been reading:

Now I need to make some Wonder Woman icons before I take "The Circle" back to the library. And also decide whether I'm going to ILL the next Batgirl, Secret Six and Wonder Woman books, since my library doesn't have them, or buy them and then resell them on Amazon. Decisions, decisions.
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spoilers. Arrrr. )

In other news, my essay crisis is still a little crisisy, but since I now have something that is all in complete sentences and is occasionally vaguely relevant, I had a break last night and watched some of the vids that had been sitting in my Google Reader reminding me that I hadn't seen them yet. Here are two recs!

1) Eleventh Dimension (Doctor Who) by [ profile] di_br So much pace and movement to this vid! Brilliant fun.

2) World Spins Madly On (Sarah Jane) by [ profile] lsw700 Gorgeous and loving tribute to Sarah Jane, which made me cry a little.


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