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Title: Confident
Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Music: Demi Lovato
Content notes: Some bright flashes
Summary: You can't make me behave.
Notes: Premiered at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff 2017.
Download: here
(2:41minutes, 100MB) | subtitle

Also at: Youtube | AO3 | Tumblr

streaming and lyrics under the cut )
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I had a great weekend at Vidukon, hanging out with some excellent humans, watching vids and dodging low flying Mass Effect spoilers. :D Here is the vid I made for Premieres:

Title: Supernova Girl
Fandom: Multifandom (see below for complete list)
Music: Zenon
Content notes: Some bright strobe-y lights
Summary: Zoom, zoom, zoom.
Notes: Premiered at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff 2016. Thanks to [personal profile] silly_cleo for Farscape help and for suggesting the song, to [personal profile] cosmic_llin for Star Trek help and beta-ing, and to [personal profile] isagel for tech help! Mass Effect footage from fuschelfu and Operation SFX; starfield image from freelancah-d2k5mcu.
Download: here (2:50 minutes, 124MB) | subtitle .srt
Also at: Youtube | AO3 | Tumblr

streaming and lyrics under the cut )

Full list of fandoms )

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I went to [community profile] vidukon_cardiff this weekend and it was awesome. So many great vids! I am planning to do a recs post sometime soon, but for now, here is a post about the vids I made for it; I premiered two vids this year, and I feel like between them they sum up quite a lot of things about me. For Premieres itself, I made a Young Justice vid, New Romantics, in which teenage superheroes are v. heroic and also have a lot of feelings. And for [personal profile] purplefringe's Tropes vidshow, I made Weapon of Choice, a multifandom vid about weaponised women, which I have been planning for about four years and FINALLY finished. :D (I also submitted Salute to Vidder's Choice, and took the opportunity to remaster it and add in a character that I missed. :D)

And now I need to go and sleep off all the feelings I had this weekend.
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Here is the show summary and playlist for the space themed vidshow I put together for last weekend's VidUKon:

"Strange new worlds. Alien civilizations. Ships that are bigger on the inside (and more than a little bit sexy). Final frontiers all over the place. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space..."


Putting together this vidshow made me want a new spaceship/station-based TV show SO MUCH. Get on that, TV people!
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- Doctor Who: I really loved "The Rings of Akhaten", but I am not posting about it because for some reason it affected me to the point where I can't read criticism of it without getting sad, even if the rational part of my brain is going "that's actually a good point", so. Instead I shall just go and poke ebay for Clara cosplay type stuff instead.

- Smallville #41 (Valkyrie #1): squee ) (In other comics news: new issues of Saga, Hawkeye AND Fearless Defenders on Wednesday? COMICS BONANZA. \o/)

- Registrations for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff (both attending and supporting) close this weekend! If you're on the fence about whether to go or not, I really recommend it, it's a fun con.

- I have reached the point in my somewhat delayed Babylon 5 rewatch where I'm not sure which episodes I've seen before and which episodes I just know a lot about (early season two). IT IS CONFUSING. Mostly my feelings on it are IVANOVA I LOVE YOU; it's nice to know I haven't changed that much since I was 15.

- Dissertation is SO CLOSE to being finished. I wrote a draft of the abstract at the weekend. By "wrote it at the weekend" I mean I procrastinated until 8.15 on Sunday evening and then knocked it up in about twenty minutes. OH SELF. My flat is fairly clean now though, I even did that thing where you attach a duster to the end of the broom and de-cobweb the ceilings. So that's something.
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- I really need to stop reading about Batman Inc #8, it's only making me unhappy. And I'm finding the way DC's been hyping it pretty distasteful - spoilers, though anyone who cares probably already knows ) The other frustrating thing is it's putting me off other comics - I was going to read the last volume of Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman run, which I KNOW is going to be both awesome and right up my alley, last night, but I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm. (Since DC has been having trouble with the word, I feel I should point out that this is what "toxic" really is: liable to put me off even largely unrelated comics, not "character with a fanbase that won't shut up about how poorly the said character has been treated".)

- Lack of posting recently is due to the fact that I have to do All The Things in the next few weeks, but am going to be away for a couple of weekends, oh dear. It's all doable, I've just got to get on with it and stop flapping around. (Oh, and I have a somewhat epic "things read in February" post on its way tomorrow...)

- One of the things is my Vidukon vidshow! It's getting there, though I'm having a surprising amount of trouble picking a Star Trek vid. Does anyone know any that are particularly spacetastic? (Or alternatively, does anyone fancy looking at my shortlist and giving me a second opinion? :D?)

- INFORMATION. Here is an excellent post on Blake's 7 and why you should watch it (spoiler: BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME) by [personal profile] lost_spook!
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I am doing a vidshow for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff / [ profile] vidukon! :D And am therefore looking for suggestions of vids to include. The theme is "space", so I'm looking for vids that are about or heavily feature space, spaceships, alien planets etc. All suggestions gratefully received, even the ones you think I probably already know about, because it's very likely that I don't! Plus, if you suggest things I already have on my list, I will feel validated, and that is always nice. ;D (Also, since I've never run a vidshow before, any general advice about that would be ace.) Thanks! ♥
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- Vidukon registration is open! I went to this in 2011 and it was great, so I am going again this year. :D

- [community profile] fandom_stocking is live! I am having a slight issue whereby new comments in my stocking are still being screened, so I've only had a quick peek (I don't want to look at them properly before I can respond properly...), but it looks like there are some very lovely and exciting things in there. Thank you, everyone! ♥ I made fewer things than I wanted to but more than I feared, will probably stick them on AO3 and Teaspoon and make a roundup post at some point.

- As usual I am way behind with my RSS feeds. Here are some fairly old links:
  • "My Bustle's Stuck!: Women Vs. Victorian Values in 'The Snowmen'". I'm sure a lot of you have read this already, but if not, I recommend it. I'm still pretty meh on the episode overall, but this piece gave me renewed appreciation for one aspect of it.

  • I also enjoyed Space Station Politics on Lashings of Ginger Beer Time's blog, about building the future in SF, particularly in DS9 and Babylon 5. I particularly liked the point about a conversation between Sisko and Kasidy in "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" (she said vaguely).
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VidUKon was awesome. I am currently equal parts bouncy with how great it was and sad that it is now over. (Also sleepy.) I will probably do a proper write-up at some point but my brain will need to be more in gear for that. For now I would just like to make it clear that I did not in any way go home and start storyboarding a vid I would like to make. Certainly not one for which I would have to go through forty seven and a half years of source. That would just be silly.

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Things I did yesterday:

- managed to get through my first assessed group presentation without falling over or anything, I'm calling that a win. Well, winnish, anyway. Public speaking is not exactly my forte.

- took down all the Christmas decorations, sadface. (Though, that reminds me: thank you for the cards, [ profile] nentari, [ profile] revolutionaren, [ profile] oxymoron67 and [ profile] ghost2! ♥)

- managed to make things for more [ profile] fandom_stockings than I feared, but fewer than I'd hoped. So apologies in advance if you don't get anything from me, and rest assured that it is only because I am incompetent.

Other things I have been meaning to post about:

- I have registered for VidUKon! I've never been to a convention before, but this one looks like fun and is about vids, which I love, and is near me, AND [ profile] carawj and [ profile] cosmic_llin are going, all of which adds up to :D

- Jess texted me last night to tell me that last night's Thinking Allowed had a section on Doctor Who in it, starting at about 4'20! Haven't had a chance to listen to it myself yet, but thought I would link it for anyone else who might be interested.

- Speaking of Doctor Who, I never posted about the Christmas Special, did I? Short form: I really loved it, apart from some stuff that was mostly external to the episode itself. long form under the cut )


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