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I went to see Star Trek Beyond again on Monday in an attempt to beat the post-Nine Worlds slump (nb this plan was a roaring success, A+ recommend; I think it helped that I was wearing the necklace I bought there), and it turns out I have enough extra things to say about it to make another post. (As before, this is basically all squee, because that is where I am right now.)

- I spotted this time that when Ben and Demora meet Sulu at Yorktown, Ben is carrying Demora's stuffed Enterprise toy, and I really love this as a tiny window into their lives. Also on the subject of Enterprise tat, I really want Kirk's Starfleet coffee mug and am baffled that apparently nowhere is selling it.

- I missed the "throwing the Franklin off a cliff because SCIENCE" section the first time round and was v pleased to see it this time; I especially loved Sulu's face at the end, SULU PLS <3

- I am pleased to report that Sulu's husband is at Kirk's birthday party. :D

- Dear internet, please can I have one million gen fics about Kirk and Jaylah hanging out. (See, eg, this fanart of them doing karaoke. :D)

- Chekov actually throwing up his hands in dismay at one point was the best.

- I enjoyed how the same extras kept popping up! My favourites were Brown Lady With Her Hair In A Bun and Pixie Cut Lady, who I am also shipping with each other on general principles.

- I like this version of Kirk very much, and one of the things I like about him is how often he lands on his face. <3

- I love the way Uhura being one of the ones to be captured by Krall sets up a quiet demonstration of her skills: she is probably the only one of them who has the ear to not only pick up on "push the frontier" as a weird phrase she's heard recently, but also to recognise that it's the same person saying it both times. It feeds beautifully into the idea that everyone has important skills and abilities to bring to the team.

- I read this tumblr post a while ago and had a lot of feelings about it, and as a result I MAY have slightly cried a bit in the Kelvin pod sequence.

- Everything about Jaylah swaggering into the captain's chair right under Kirk's nose was the BEST. Everyone else looked so appalled! Kirk clearly had no idea how to react to this turn of events! It was PERFECT.

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