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An exciting liveblogging adventure! or something. I am iconning at the same time so will probably miss bits. Ho hum.

"Did you just say time agency? Is that based in Cardiff too?" Rhys love!

LOL at Ianto just shooting the grim reapers dead!

Oh, Rhys is so proud of Gwen, aw! Also him and Andy snarking each other was v. funny. "Great secret. I ask, you tell."

I am not really interested in the Jack-Grey-John storyline in any way, I'm afraid. But I am amused by supposedly-dead Jack flinching every time the soil falls on his face.

"will you marry me again?" GWEN/RHYS MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. But now I fear Rhys may die.

Poor Tosh, bad enough that she's all shot, but she has to listen to Grey pontificate too.

I really wish newwho heroes would stop giving people absolution. It's a bit sanctimonious.

"Where've they all gone?"
"Abergavenny?" OK Torchwood, I admit you are pretty good at the comedy dialogue. Less drama, more comedy plzkthnx.

I somehow doubt that Jack spending centuries buried alive will be mentioned again ever.

Oh hai, all the spoilers are coming true! I don't like Owen but this... this is gratuitously nasty. :(

If Owen and Tosh stay dead I may have to allow Torchwood a grudging bit of respect. But if they cop out and everything gets reset I shall be very angry indeed.

Yay, Rhys lives! And now QI is on.


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