Jul. 7th, 2009 12:04 pm
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The BBC have kindly put Torchwood on BBC1, a channel I can actually get, so I watched it As It Happened.

- GWEN GWEN GWEN GWEN GWEN. "Sci-fi superbase. No really," and her little wave! Her conversation with Rhys about going to England: "Have you got currency?"/"Yes, and I've had all my shots." Welsh people doing English jokes for a change, ♥ I also really liked that Rhys was laid back about her missing the house viewing; I feel like we've done the "Rhys gets annoyed at Gwen's job" thing enough times now and it's nice to see that they've moved on from that.

- "Are you two having shenanigans in the dark?" The team dynamic was great, they all seem really comfortable with each other, I like that in my fiction.

- The scene between Ianto and his sister was very nicely played, they really convinced me that they were siblings. AND THEN KIDS STOLE THE TORCHMOBILE, EXCELLENT.

- I kept expecting Peter Capaldi to turn into a penguin. Even though I am am fairly sure he is not really Proper Frobisher, every now and then there would be a portentous shot of him alone in his office and something in my brain would go "PENGUIN TIEM NAO!" Oh dear.

- I do not believe that Spears could really have had "Hastings" as her password. Even my passwords have to be more complicated than that and I just work for a university! And that's not even getting into her a) giving her password to the New Girl b) out loud, so that anyone wandering past could hear it. Tut tut.

- Ages ago when I saw Rupesh's name in the list of new characters I thought he probably wouldn't survive all five episodes. But treacherous and dead before the end of part one? Disappointing.

- "Is this a good time to mention that I lost the car?" Snerk.

- I fear that UNIT might be DOING EVIL. This makes me not be happy as there is only so much pretending they are just ICIS masquerading as UNIT that I can manage.

- So much love for the way they found out about the bomb, very nicely done.

- Basically despite some criticisms I really enjoyed that, there was action and snark and character stuff and scariness and it was all very nicely balanced. Needs more Nick Briggs, though.
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