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I finished season two of Supergirl! What a mixed bag this season was.

The bad:

  • MON-EL. Ugh, just everything about him was pretty much terrible. Events in the season finale notwithstanding, he's pretty much the poster boy for Privileged White Men Get What They Want. He had a few nice fish out of water moments at the beginning (though even those veered a little bit towards "men can't be expected to be competent so women have a duty to look after them", and was beginning to evolve into a not entirely awful person by the end, but by that point it was too little, too late. I'd already seen him be given so much for so little, including so much screentime, that I just did not care about him even a little bit.

  • Kara/Mon-El. I'll freely admit my biases here; I am, as I have mentioned ad nauseam, so bored of m/f relationships in media that they have to work really hard to win me over, and this one did the opposite of that. It was full of awful tropes (Kara forgiving Mon-El's betrayal because he ~*~loves~*~ her in the musical episode was a particular low point), it ate up Kara's storylines, and the actors had basically no romantic chemistry. (This was only highlighted by how much chemistry Mon-El and Winn had in their first few episodes; I'd've been slightly more here for Mon-El as Winn's boyfriend rather than Kara's.)

  • Very related to the above points: sidelining James and breaking up him and Kara. There was basically no reason for this other than racism, and it was awful and I hated it. Kara telling Cat in the season finale that she'd never felt about anyone the way she felt about Mon-El was a particularly sour note. (I also slightly resent the fact that I had to sit through all that love triangle nonsense last year for nothing.) I did like some of James's stuff this year (see below), but overall he was so completely sidelined both in terms of screen time and narrative, and it was terrible. (I do feel like the show realised towards the end of the season that they'd been floundering with his character and tried to retroactively make it into an arc about him not knowing what he wants to do, but it wasn't enough.)

  • I really liked M'Gann but I felt like she didn't get nearly enough development. And I certainly wasn't here for her relationship with J'onn being romantic; I don't know how old the characters are supposed to be but it definitely felt like a significant age gap. (Getting her together with Kara would have fixed two problems with this season in one fell swoop, I'm just saying.)

  • Kara's journalism storyline didn't really work, mostly because the show didn't really commit to it and just brought it up when it was plot relevant. Also Snapper Carr felt like a character written by someone who'd watched the previous season but hadn't understood what made Cat work.

  • I miss Lucy.

The good:

  • Maggie/Alex. <3 I loved everything about this storyline (ok, I'm not sure about the proposal, but everything else was so great I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt). Alex's gradual coming out was handled so carefully and so beautifully; it made me cry at several episodes in a row. I really enjoy both characters and their relationship, especially the way they talk through their problems like grown ups. Their scenes have been the highlight of every episode they've been in. I also really liked how everyone's reactions to their relationship were on the hopeful end of realistic.

  • Kara! I haven't been a fan of some of her storylines this year, but she herself is still wonderful: kind, sweet, optimistic, powerful, headstrong. I love her.

  • I was a little worried about Superman appearing but I think the show handled it really well. He's a really great Superman, but he's also very clearly a secondary character in Kara's story. I liked how well he got on with everyone, that was very Supergirl. (Winn's epic crush on him continues delightful.) And now the conversation around the show can move on from "when will SUPERMAN show up??????"

  • Winn's had a pretty good year - he veered into comic relief territory a little bit, but never in a way that undermined him or made him the butt of the jokes, so I enjoyed it. I like how he's being portrayed as such a fundamentally good natured character. And I also enjoyed that the show allowed him to be scared without condemning him for it (particularly the way Alex reacted). Plus his superpowered alien girlfriend was GREAT and I hope we see more of her next year.

  • The team ups and growing friendship between Winn and James were so nice, not least because it meant James actually got some screen time occasionally. The little moments of the two of them hanging out with Kara, Alex and sometimes Maggie were also great - they really felt like a genuine friendship group.

  • HI CAT. I missed her when she was gone but what little she did have was pretty great. I like how she has this fundamental faith in other women, unless she's got a good reason not to. I also ship her with President Wonder Woman QUITE A LOT. Also... "go get 'em, Supergirl". SHE KNOWS <3333 (So of course she also made Guardian the second she saw him. <3 I loved James's look of dismay through the tiny eye slit - Mehcad Brooks has done so much with so little this season, what a good he is.)

  • As detailed above I have NOT been happy with James's storylines (or lack of them) this season, but I did enjoy J'onn getting to mentor him a little in that one episode.

  • I love that President Wonder Woman's actual name contains a tribute to Olive Byrne as well as William Moulton Marston; I wish they'd fitted Elizabeth Holloway Marston in there too.

So overall, I'm cautiously optimistic for season three? I feel like second seasons can often be a bit rocky, and this one also had to accommodate network and casting changes too, so I'm hoping it improves on some of the above next year now that that's all settled down a bit.
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