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- This was emailed round at work and it's too fab not to share: gorgeous pictures of libraries. DO WANT, especially the Rijkmuseum Library in Amsterdam. I could totally learn Dutch and move there, right? Right?

- Someone posted this on [ profile] spooky_doings; BBC Autumn preview trailer (UK only, I believe, sorry). Lots of goodness: Spooks itself (HARRY! Also a couple of casting spoilers, both of which I knew, one that is yaysness and one that I'm reserving judgement on ); Merlin, the Beeb's new Arthurian drama thing - it looks to be glossy and ridiculous and I plan to watch it all; Little Dorrit (FREEMA!), of course they had to pick one of the Dickenseseses that I haven't read yet, but oh well; Tess of the d'Urbervilles which is looking suitably melodramatic (I hope they have kept the bit where the fire leaps up suddenly and then it fades away and there is Alec standing on the other side, lol subtle, that are my favourite bit); Survivors (MOAR FREEMA), it's hard to tell from just that little bit but it looks cool; Apparitions, the new series by Joe Aherne, who created Ultraviolet (the telly series); plus lots of things wot I am rather less interested in.

- I thought I didn't have any Torchwood squee left, but I heard the trailer for the radio thingummy last night and my brain went YAY!!1!!1 so apparently I do, hurrah.

- Inspired by SFX's Sarah Connor Chronicles article I have boughteded the first season offa ebay so can finally see the last five episodes (the (late lamented) digibox got me to episode 4 before going, "nah, bored of this channel now, go and watch Dave instead"). Feel I have successfully defied THE MAN as I have not bought it new which would have meant tacitly accepting that it's a-ok to release stuff in the UK minus all the extras the US release has, oh yes, and for twice the price too. This happens a lot and it is very irritating, quite often it stops me buying things that I would otherwise have got. Bah. End rant.

- Happy birthday, [ profile] darthcorrie!
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