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Title: Welcome to New York
Fandom: MCU (Agent Carter season 1 (plus one clip from season 2), Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter, Agents of Shield)
Character/Pairing: Peggy Carter
Music: Taylor Swift
Content notes: Some bright gunfire flashes
Summary: "It's been waiting for you."
Notes: This vid was BESET by technical difficulties but FINALLY it is DONE. \o/
Download: here (3:33 minutes, 155MB) | subtitle .srt
Also at: AO3 | Tumblr

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Since it is nearly 2016, here are some things that made me happy in 2015, sorted vaguely by category. There were probably more, but I can't remember what they were right now.

- Peggy Carter, punching people so pleasingly, and realising that trying to win the respect of her male colleagues is trying to win a rigged game. If they don't value her, that's THEIR problem.
- Kara Danvers, dorky ray of sunshine and superpower.
- Jessica Jones, bruised and cynical and fundamentally heroic.
- Kamala Khan, noblest of dorks.
- Carol Danvers, punching the sky. The last issue of her comic made me cry; I am looking forward to seeing her have space adventures with Abigail Brand next year.
- Possibly stretching the definition of "hero" a tiny bit, but Loki: Agent of Asgard was one of my favourite comics of the year, despite the endless crossovers it got tangled up in, and I am sad it's over.
- Age of Ultron gave me NATASHA and WANDA and MARIA and HELEN, and also some boys, some of whom were also quite good, and it was GREAT. And then [personal profile] purplefringe made Wolf Like Me, a beautiful Natasha vid, and everything was excellent.

- I played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and fought a lot of lightsaber battles and lost a lot of money playing Pazaak and it was GREAT. Also this one time I found a gong and I clicked on it and it went bong. (I ask for very little in a computer game.)
- [ profile] kathkin's lovely Second Doctor era fic made me very happy this year.
- seeing "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "Trials and Tribble-ations" (aka "Kirk Is Super Done With Everything About Today" and "Jadzia has the best day ever") with many excellent humans.
- reading Una McCormack's The Crimson Shadow and still wanting to draw hearts around it months later, for reasons of GARAK, and also spoilers )
- my gaming group is slowly starting to work its way through Mass Effect. I AM EXCITE.

- Sarah Caudwell's Hilary Tamar mysteries, recommended to me by [personal profile] raven, are a gem: witty and delightful.
- I read Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor the other day and, oh, my heart. People trying to be kind and to act rightly in difficult situations. ♥
- I followed Tansy Rayner Roberts's Musketeer Space, a retelling of The Three Musketeers, but with lots of women and queer people and brown people, and also set in space, as it was being serialised, and I loved it SO MUCH. Highly recommended! I want to read a million more things like it.

- Hamilton! I feel like I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said at length elsewhere, but I really love it and am so excited about the fact that I'm going to see it next year. :DDDD
- Sense8! I didn't talk about this anywhere, but I really enjoyed it. I loved that it took its time and really immersed us in the characters, and I liked (almost) all the sensates and their associated humans a whole lot.
- Person of Interest's Sameen Shaw. PRECIOUS VIOLENT WEIRDO. <3
- KORRA. The last two seasons were SO GOOD.
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I just caught Marvel's Phase 3 announcements on twitter before I went out last night! BLACK PANTHER. CAPTAIN MARVEL. FINALLY. It's true that making one (1) film about a black man and one (1) film about a white woman is pretty much the least they could do (I was bracing myself for having to break up with the MCU based on what I feared they might announce) and yes, it's taken years and we still have years before we actually get to see these films. And yes, I am sad that we are not also getting films for Black Widow and the Wasp and more. :/ (My subject line is basically what I want from the MCU, diversity-wise.)

But... T'Challa was so great in Avengers: EMH and now he's getting a film! And CAROL. She's my favourite Marvel character and she's going to be in a film and based on the MCU's track record, it is probably going to be a film I will like. \o/ (Which is something that I'm a bit more worried about with DC's Wonder Woman film, to be honest: DC's storytelling priorities aren't really matching the kind of films I want to see as well as Marvel's are at the moment. Which is not to say that I think that Marvel is superior, just that I'm finding their fictional universe more congenial at the moment.)

(Actually I think DC is definitely doing better diversity-wise right now, given that their film universe is much younger than Marvel's but they've still managed to announce one film with a female lead and two with non-white leads already (also, it's just occurred to me, do we know anything about Green Lantern yet? Could it be about John Stewart? *crosses fingers*). And yeah, you could argue that they HAD to do Wonder Woman (not sure I entirely buy that, given that they didn't seem to have much difficulty doing Green Lantern as their first non-Superman or Batman attempt last time round), but they didn't have to do Cyborg and they didn't have to cast Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Also I can't help but feel that making this about DC vs Marvel (which, yes, I just did) kind of elides the fact that they're both losing: both of them are still mostly making films about white men; neither are making films about queer characters or women of colour. Though while I am in these increasingly bulky parentheses, I will pause to daydream about a world where DC and Marvel DID actually start trying to one-up one another on the diversity front. DC announces Vixen and Batwoman! Marvel makes Daughters of the Dragon and rejigs Guardians of the Galaxy so that Phyla-Vell and Moondragon are the main characters! DC makes a Renee Montoya film and an Oracle led Birds of Prey one, with ALL OF THE WOMEN in it! Marvel ripostes with Ms Marvel and Fearless Defenders! etc etc etc.)

As for the rest of the Phase 3 stuff: I will probably see and enjoy Thor: Ragnarok. I do not care about Doctor Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy. I am deeply unthrilled by Captain America: Civil War, because I am just not here for superheroes fighting each other. (Though given how much I loved Winter Soldier, I am willing to be won over.) My initial reaction to Avengers: Infinity War was "oh no, not another multi-title crossover event", but I'll probably be more excited once I convince my brain that that's not what it is. ;) Inhumans I am agnostic on: I don't really know anything about them, so I am basically balancing "why couldn't that space have gone to Black Widow" against "well, Medusa's cool, plus this opens the door for Ms Marvel".

/thoughts on superhero films
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It's SDCC this weekend! Marvel will be announcing some more films! What if they are all about white dudes again! I will probably cry! (I am actually going to be at home this weekend, which is out of character for me at the moment. I was going to say "I'm not busy" but given it's two weeks til Nine Worlds and my costumes are NOT DONE, that would be a lie. Also, I have unexpectedly been swallowed by a vid idea. HELP.)

Some recs:

- Master's Thesis by [ profile] auronlu: a really good, plotty Fifth Doctor story, featuring Tegan, Turlough, and older Nyssa as per Big Finish canon. I knew I was going to like it when Nyssa casually told Tegan, "Oh, by the way, other genders are more visible here than on Earth or Traken. The TARDIS should translate, but you may hear a few unfamiliar pronouns", and it's also just really well plotted and characterised. Long, but totally worth it.

- Things by [personal profile] raven. Star Trek daemon AU, perfect perfect perfect. It is basically a fundamental truth of the universe that fanworks by [personal profile] raven + Star Trek = feelings everywhere.

- Watershed, a Wonder Woman vid by [personal profile] chaila. THIS VID. So powerful and moving. DIANA.

Some things I am cranky about:

- I don't understand why the new Batgirl costume is getting so much praise. I mean, it's totally fine as a costume, but it's both less practical and less professional than what Babs was wearing before. D: It would be great for Misfit, or fine for Steph or Harper if we hadn't already seen their future costumes in Batman #28, and I'd totally take it as Cass's new costume if it meant we could just get her BACK, but for Babs? She's not a teenager, she's an experienced vigilante in her own right. Why would she swap Kevlar for a leather jacket? It might fit with the tone of the book, but it doesn't fit with Babs herself, and it'll make her look like a rookie when she's lined up next to the rest of the Batfam. DISAPPROVE.

- Search engines that try and second guess what you're searching for are THE WORST. Also frustrating: the way Chrome prioritises things it thinks you might be searching for over web pages you've already visited when you start typing in the address bar. STOP THAT.

- I've been pretty disappointed in The Mary Sue post-Geekosystem merger. So much content now, but so much of it so shallow and thoughtless, and it really feels like their woman centric perspective has got a bit lost. There is still some good content on there (I enjoyed these two posts on princess tropes: part one and part two - nothing hugely new, but a nice clear analysis) but overall, bah. It was never perfect, but I feel like the things they did do well at have rather fallen by the wayside. D:
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Here are some thoughts about comics and comics based films and whatnot.

Fearless Defenders #6: spoilers )

Young Avengers #7&8: this comic is just so fun! (SMOOOOOOCH. :D) It has so much energy and willingness to be a bit silly. not really spoilers but cutting anyway just in case )

Red Sonja #1: I basically bought this for the gorgeous Fiona Staples cover, and consider it a major achievement that I made it back to work without getting run over, given the amount of time I spent staring at it. ♥ Anyway, I liked the comic itself a lot too: it was fun, and rather Xena-ish. I probably won't keep buying it, because it's expensive and I'm sorry but I just CANNOT get past the chainmail bikini issue, but I might get the trade.

Li'l Gotham #15: Batman and Robin go to Comic Con and it is AMAZING. I laughed! And then I cried a bit. This comic is so wonderful.

Smallville #56: Speaking of wonderful things... I started reading this again because Wonder Woman, and based on this issue I think I made the right choice. Great, intriguing introduction for Smallville!Wondy.

In other comics news, DC's next film is going to be Batman/Superman. Sigh. Aside from the lack-of-Wonder-Woman issue - which is NOT MINOR - this depresses me because WB seem to be too timid to actually do anything with the vast stable of rich, interesting characters they have to play with. A Justice League film is all well and good (at least it might mean Wonder Woman on the big screen, right?), but Marvel's kind of already got the shared cinematic universe team movie thing sewn up. Whatever DC does with Justice League, it'll be compared to The Avengers, and it'd have to be pretty special to win that fight. Plus, DC's not exactly starting from a strong position here: they have Man of Steel, but Green Lantern flopped and Nolan's Batverse doesn't exactly play well with others. I'd love to see DC going down a different route and trying to make films that can't be dismissed as " just another superhero movie". A Question film (pref Renee Montoya, obvs). Gotham Central (possibly better as a TV series?). Spoiler. Checkmate. Batwoman: Elegy could make a great film. A shared universe Oracle film would be amazing, though it might need a lot of adapting (ooh, maybe it could be combined with a Cass film - she rescues Babs, Babs steps up and uses her librarian powers to help Cass with the word bits of crime fighting, discovers she is REALLY GOOD AT IT etc). I would LOVE to see a Nightrunner film, in French, with subtitles. And so on. Basically none of these are ever going to happen, because they wouldn't be massive smash hit blockbusters, but done right... wouldn't they be great?

And meanwhile, Marvel still hasn't announced a Black Widow film, or a Captain Marvel one, or a Black Panther one, etc etc etc. *taps watch impatiently*


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