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1. I went to see Cursed Child the other week! I had very few expectations going in, other than that the staging would be fantastic (which it was), but friends, I loved it. I mean, I'm sure there are criticisms to be made of it? But I just enjoyed it so much. (Not least because I went to see it with [personal profile] raven, so we got to talk about our reactions and take photos of each other with our respective house banners. ♥) I laughed, I cried, I never knew what was going to happen, it was excellent. I'm torn between "I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN" and "I don't want to risk diluting this wonderful experience". I do want to read the script, though, which I haven't yet done.


2b. I saw Star Trek Beyond a year ago yesterday, so have now been at Peak Star Trek Joy for a whole year and it's been amazing.

3. THIRTEEN. I didn't really know who Jodie Whittaker was, so it took a moment to sink in, but then I watched the teaser and suddenly had all these emotions in my eyes. And she looks so Doctorish! A little weird and otherworldly and mischievous. I can't wait. It's a shame that we still have a white actor playing the Doctor (my top picks for Fourteen: Meera Syal, Indira Varma, Josette Simon), but this means so much to me even so, not least because I was so sure it was going to be yet another white dude. Also, I watched a few episodes last season for Bill, who is wonderful, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be Thirteen's companion, whilst also resigning myself to the likelihood that we'll get a solo boy companion instead.

4. Character announcements for Young Justice season three! I've always found Young Justice a bit hit and miss (I still haven't seen the last three episodes), but with enough hits to keep me more or less on board. ALSO. don't think this is really a spoiler, but just to be on the safe side ) I'm also holding out a teeny tiny bit of hope that now they're free of the constraints of whatever network they were on before, they might be able to include queer characters, as originally planned.
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Here is a year in review post, sort of thing. I have probably forgotten most of the things that should have gone into it.

Things I liked in 2012 )

Things I am excited about in 2013 )

2012 In Fanworks )

2012 In General Life Stuff )

Happy New Year!

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Here is a year in review post, sort of thing. I have probably forgotten most of the things that should have gone into it.

Things I liked in 2012 )

Things I am excited about in 2013 )

2012 In Fanworks )

2012 In General Life Stuff )

Happy New Year!

here we go

Apr. 24th, 2012 12:06 pm
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Further adventures in animated DC stuff: I am about a dozen episodes into Young Justice! I like it a lot, although script wise it is... not always that great. spoilers up to Homefront )

(I've also been reading the original Young Justice comics, which I love tremendously and which really deserve a post of their own. Maybe I will get round to it eventually. For now I will just mention that I am sad that Red Tornado is not nearly as sarcastic in the cartoon as he was in the comics.)

Also, last night I watched Under the Red Hood, since it was streaming on Lovefilm, which was very good, though, probably inevitably, rather grim. And now I am shipping Dick/Jason based on actual canon, and not just on fic. :D? (I was working on the Batsymbol part of my Batgirl cardigan as I was watching this, heh.)

Oh, I forgot to talk about finishing Justice League Unlimited! ALL THE LOVE. The finale was slightly on the action-heavy side for my taste, but the very end of it was just perfect: spoilers )

Picking my one comics icon for this post has reminded me that I haven't flailed properly about Batgirl vol 3 yet. IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. It's basically everything I want in a comic: it's funny, it's got so much heart, and it has a really great ensemble cast including a female/female mentor/mentee relationship (MY FAVOURITE). The parallels and semi-parallels between the characters and their relationships are brilliant, too. ♥ I love all the scenes with Dick and Babs, especially when he tells her off for letting Steph go out and find crime, and she's just all "yes, it is terribly irresponsible of me to take a League of Assassins-trained ten year old out crime fighting OH WAIT THAT WAS YOU." (Sidenote: have I mentioned how much I love Damian? He is all tiny and grumpy and superior, I can relate to that.)

And it's all about hope and new chances and being who you choose to be and all that good stuff. The bit that really sums it up for me is the bit in Rising where Steph tells Damian that "I don't think you understand what Barbara and I are trying to do here. [...] There's room for hope in our line of work, too." ALL THE HEARTS. Also, earlier, Steph saying that she's "whoever I choose to be", and Babs thinking about how "every day is a new chance to make the right choices". LOVE. And the final issue just breaks my heart: spoilers ) The only criticism I have is "not enough Cass" (I assume there were behind the scenes reasons not to give her a big role, but she could've been mentioned more), but other than that, perfect comic is perfect.

...yeah, so, comics is my new fandom. :D? I suppose it was inevitable, given that I really like canons where there is LOTS OF CANON.

(HI. I haven't posted for ages! How are you all? I also haven't commented much recently. I blame being busy revising, but really it is due to my general failings.)


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