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I have a lot of posts I want to/should make, but instead here is a list of some of the vids I loved in 2014. (Not including any festivids, as I already recced some of those at the time.)

I fell pretty hard for Steve/Sam, and loved [personal profile] china_shop's crisp, cool Holding out for a(nother) hero, as well as [personal profile] purplefringe's Don't Stop Believing, which gets better every time I watch it. I also loved [personal profile] such_heights's Phase Two vid, Counting Stars.

[personal profile] such_heights's Level Up is a wonderful ensemble vid that gave me MANY FEELINGS.

Doctor Who
aka vids made by [personal profile] purplefringe, with special appearance by [personal profile] such_heights. ;) Never Look Away is a gorgeous, multi-layered Eleven and Clara vid; Short Skirt / Long Jacket is a PERFECT Romana I vid; Blank Space, co-vidded with [personal profile] such_heights, is a thing of pure glory and wonder.

Orphan Black
[personal profile] frayadjacent's What's Mine Is Yours is AMAZING.

Star Trek
You've all seen [personal profile] cosmic_llin's PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL Long Live, right? Good. I also loved her Janeway and Tuvok vid, King and Lionheart. ♥ [personal profile] raven also made two wonderful Star Trek vids this year, the beautiful we came to learn the sea and the haunting Disappear.

[personal profile] frayadjacent's Everywhere is actually from last year, but I only saw it this year, so it totally counts. Anyway, it makes my heart swell with feelings, and I really love the motion and movement in the bridge.

Wonder Woman
Watershed, by [personal profile] chaila, really captures the power, serenity and sheer epicness I associate with Diana. ♥

I love OT3s and I love Leverage and I love love love [personal profile] thingswithwings's Parachute. THEIR GLORIOUS FACES. MY FEELINGS. HELP.

The Hunger Games
[personal profile] cosmic_llin's Effie vid, In the 99, is really wonderful.
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FESTIVIDS! I got two AMAZING vids, both of which I thoroughly recommend. Carpe Diem is the Ultraviolet (the TV series!) vid I've been wanting for years: it was absolutely worth the wait, it's so intense and creepy and perfect. Breath of Life is a beautiful, mythic, epic Wonder Woman vid: it completely overwhelmed me when I saw it, to the point that I couldn't really process anything else for a while because SO MANY DIANA FEELINGS. Both vids are basically everything I could have ever wanted AND MORE, and I am VERY HAPPY. :D

Also, I made three festivids! I will (attempt to) make a vid(let) for anyone who correctly guesses one of them, if they so desire. ♥ (Screening comments on this post, will unscreen any without guesses in them...)

I am having a slight broadband usage allowance issue that is impeding my ability to Watch All The Vids, but I saw quite a lot of them at a festivids party yesterday so will try and post some recs soon!
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- Approximate length of time between me installing my new wireless internet hub thing and it needing to be restarted for no readily apparent reason: twenty four hours. Approximate length of time between me installing my new wireless internet hub thing and me tripping over the cable, knocking it off the chest of drawers and breaking it, possibly irreparably: thirty six hours. In other words, there is an outside chance that I may not have any internets over the weekend, so if I am even rubbisher than usual about commenting/replying to comments... that is why.

- Caught up with Torchwood last night! Possibly it was because I was playing on the internet at the same time, but I wasn't entirely enthralled. mild spoilers )

- In comics news: Wonder Woman is going to have retractable trousers. (Also heels, ugh.) Just when I thought the whole trousers/no trousers question couldn't get any sillier...

- Alastair Reynolds is writing a new Third Doctor book, with Jo and the Master! There are many things about this news that make me happy: new Classic Who books! Alastair Reynolds writing one! JOOOO!

- Here are two vids I have enjoyed recently: Starlight, by [personal profile] calapine, a gorgeous Barbara vid, and I NEED A HERO, by [personal profile] beccatoria, a Wonder Woman vid that makes my heart THRILL WITH JOY. ♥


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